About Me


I have been a full-time instructor in the Business and Accounting Departments at De Anza College since 2001. Before teaching here, I worked in private industry for many years in various financial, accounting and strategy roles. I also worked as a management consultant, and I owned my own business for 10 almost years. I really enjoy teaching, but when I'm not teaching you can find me flying my plane, riding one of my motorcycles, or playing golf.

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

34455ACCT 1B61YFinancial Accounting II
30218BUS 1865ZBusiness Law I
33671BUS 1866ZBusiness Law I
33947BUS 9163ZIntroduction to Personal Finance

Fall 2018

00018ACCT 1A61YFinancial Accounting I
00020ACCT 1A63YFinancial Accounting I
02488BUS 1865ZBusiness Law I
00299BUS 1867ZBusiness Law I
21660BUS 9162ZIntroduction to Personal Finance
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