About Me - The Basics

Jeff Staudinger, PE, CHMM, Industrial Ecologist

Full-Time Faculty Member, Environmental Studies Dept.

Program Coordinator & Lead Instructor, Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention Program

Classes I Teach

Winter 2022

32478ES 61A50ZEnvironmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention: Air, Water and Land
34374ES 62A50ZEnvironmental Management Tools: Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Performance Reporting
33004ES 62B50ZEnvironmental Management Tools: CEQA and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)
37033ES 6450ZClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in California

Fall 2021

20917ES 650ZIntroduction to Environmental Law
21691ES 5050ZIntroduction to Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention
26158ES 61L50ZEnvironmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention Laboratory
23739ES 6462ZClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in California
26068ES 9562ZIntroduction to Environmental Careers

Courses Taught

Environmental Resource Mgmt & Pollution Prevention Courses

ES   6: Intro to Environmental Law (4 units)
ES 50: Intro to Env Resource Mgmt & Pollution Prevention (4 units)
ES 61: Environmental Resource Management & Pollution Prevention
           61A: Air, Water & Land (4 units)
           61B: Chemicals, Energy & Waste (4 units)
           61L: Sampling, Monitoring & Assessment Lab (1 unit)
ES 62: Environmental Management Tools
           62A: Env Mgmt Systems & Env Performance Reporting (4 units)
           62B: CEQA & Environmental Impact Reports (4 units)
           62C: Environmental Site Assessments (4 units)
           62D: Industrial Ecology & Sustainable Design Principles (4 units)
ES 64: Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation in California (4 units)

General Ed Courses

ES  1:     Introduction to Environmental Studies (4 units)
ES 95:    Introduction to Environmental Careers (1 unit)
ESCI 1L: Environmental Science Lab (1 unit)

Primary Interest Areas

  • Environmental Resource Management
    (sound/sustainable mgmt of our air, water, land, food & material resources)
  • Pollution Control & Pollution Prevention
  • Industrial Ecology & Sustainable Systems
    (energy, buildings, transportation, ag, etc.)
  • "Efficiency & Sufficiency"
    (efficient resource use & addressing over-consumption)

Professional Bio

Prior to joining DeAnza in 2010, I spent over 20 years working in the areas of environmental management and pollution control & prevention (the areas that I now teach in here at DeAnza!). My professional experience includes:

  • Identifying, characterizing and cleaning up old hazardous waste sites ("Superfund sites").
  • Designing industrial treatment systems to control/prevent pollution and manage waste.
  • Helping ensure that business/industry complies with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Helping business/industry "go green" ("beyond compliance").

I have worked in a variety of situations, including as:

  • A technical/management consultant to business/industry.
  • A direct employee of industry (for United Technologies and National Semiconductor). 
  • A gov't regulator (for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco).
  • A researcher at the University of Michigan's Center for Sustainable Systems.

In addition, I have:

  • Authored two books (The Environmental Guidebook and The California Environmental Guide), both of which profile various organizations (non-profits, gov't entities, etc) involved in environmental issues in the U.S. and California, respectively.
  • Founded Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow - a charitable non-profit that promotesimproving the world through  the practice of sustainable engineering.

Finally, I am:

Teaching Effectiveness

My student surveys here at DeAnza have been highly positive with over 95% of students surveyed recommending me as an instructor. Within the individual teaching evaluation elements, I have earned my highest marks in terms of being knowledgeable, enthusiastic, well-organized and responsive to student needs and student diversity. The key to my success?: I like to teach and I love to learn.

Student Thumbs Up

Last But Not Least

I am a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, a part of "Bleeding Green Nation" and, as of Febuary 4, 2018, I can finally die happy thanks to Nick Foles and company.

Nick Foles Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce:
"Nobody likes us, and we don't care."

Faculty Info

Prof. Jeff Staudinger

Jeff Staudinger

Environmental Studies



212 Kirsch Center


  • M.S., Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!)
  • M.S., Natural Resource Policy & Behavior, Univ of Michigan (Let's Go Blue!)

Office Hours

Spring 2018



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