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The Financial Aid Disbursement date listed on the Student’s MyPortal is the date the Financial Aid office disburses the Student’s Financial Aid to the Student’s De Anza account. The disbursement date is normally a Monday. Once Financial Aid is at the Student's De Anza account, it will cover/pay any outstanding balances. A Refund of the Student’s Financial Aid will be transmitted to Higher One Bank; on the following Friday.

Financial Aid Disburses and Refunds on the scheduled dates when:

  • Student is approved and awarded Financial Aid
  • Enrolled in required number of units at least one week prior to the start of term
  • Student is in "GOOD" Satisfactory Academic Progress

Disbursement Adjustments/ Reverse disbursements occur when students increase or reduce the number of units they are enrolled in within the add/drop period or are subject to Return of Title IV.

If you have not received your Financial Aid refund on the scheduled refund date, please check your Satisfactory Academic Progress on your MyPortal, under the Financial Aid tab.

The enrollment status of the student, i.e. full time, three-quarter time, half time or less than half time and the student's EFC will have a proportional effect on the amount of money a student will receive.

For more information about Disbursements, see the Federal Student Aid Website.

Students have a choice of opening a Higher One Bank account for fastest access to their refund or having their refund transmitted via ACH to their own bank account, which usually takes a day or two extra. Students choosing neither will receive a paper check after 21 days.




The Spring quarter grades have not been finalized as of yet.  The process should be completed within the next few weeks. 

If you are a continuing student who receives financial aid and were in a Warning, Probation or on an Approved Request for Extension Status during the Spring quarter, we will not be able to disburse your federal financial aid until we know you are in good standing.   A hold will be placed on your Summer federal aid until such time that all grades have been posted and we are able to calculate your Satisfactory Academic Progress and determine you are in Good Standing.

You can check your progress each quarter after final grades are posted.   Students in disqualified status are not eligible for financial aid.  For more information on Satisfactory Progress, please visit our website at:


Friday, July 10, 2015
Pell Grant and Loans (unless subject to 30 day delay)



*For Direct Loan first time borrowers there is a 30-day delay in the release of a first loan disbursement. The refund will be issued the week after the 30-day delay has passed.

We weekly disburse student's first quarterly Financial Aid as Financial Aid Applications are  processed.  Please check your MyPortal.

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