Professional Relations Committee - The purpose of the Professional Relations Committee is to provide confidential interviews and conflict resolution for non-contractual conflicts involving faculty.

Curriculum Committee - The De Anza Curriculum Committee strives to ensure that De Anza's curriculum is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs and multiple perspectives of the community.

SLOS - Student Learning Outcomes establishes processes and procedures to define and assess outcomes that demonstrate learning that has occurred as a result of a specific course, program, activity, or process.

Academic Senate Scholarship Committee - The Academic Senate Scholarships Committee reviews scholarships applications and selects the recipients of the two Academic Senate Scholarships awarded annually

Community Police Task Force - A committee formed by the Academic Senate to improve safety on campus and to better relations between the police and broader college community.

Enrollment Advisory Team - a group formed to advise campus on enrollment concerns and issues, made up of administrators, staff, and faculty.

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