Welcome to World Languages!

The Intercultural/International Division at De Anza College offers 12 world languages. Our World Language department is dedicated to developing the language skills necessary for students to succeed in their academic classes and in the workplace. We provide a space where students can foster an appreciation for diversity and culture while learning a new language.

World Language Departments

Language Requirement for Transfer

 At present ONLY Mandarin and Japanese meet the two-year world language requirement for transfer. The rest of the World Languages will only offer the elementary-level coursework (levels 1, 2, and 3).

Enrollment declines in some Level 3 classes mean that the number of sections may be reduced, or that Level 3 in that language may be eliminated from the Spring schedule. Please refer to the specific department for details.

World Language Prerequisite Clearance

Please see World Language Prerequisites  if you are registering for any World Language courses numbered 2-6 (e.g., SPAN 3).

What is a Prerequisite? 

If you are trying to register into a World Language Class and you can't, this means you have not yet met the prerequisite for the class. Most World Languages classes (2nd Quarter and above) have prerequisites; which are courses that must be successfully completed (C or better) before you register for the next level course. 

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