Grant Reimbursements

For Purchases

1. Before making any purchases, please contact the Project Director to make sure that this purchase can be reimbursed by the grant.

2. After making your purchase, save your original receipt/invoice. If you paid by credit card, you will also need your credit card statement.

3. Fill out the District Direct Pay Form.

4. Submit your Direct Pay Form (w/ memo and receipt/invoice) to the Project Director.

Please contact the Project Director with any questions.

For Professional Development, Academic Conferences

[Updated December 28, 2011]

IMPACT AAPI encourages instructors and staff to attend academic conferences and professional development events that better enable them to support our targeted AAPI student groups and strengthen the college's capacity to serve underserved student populations.

De Anza's Staff Development Office is able to reimburse travel expenses up to $1000 per school year. Please consider using Staff Development funds before applying for IMPACT AAPI funds.

Who is Eligible for IMPACT AAPI Conference Funding?

The grant is able to reimburse transportation, lodging, conferences fees/registration fees, and meals, for up to $1200 per person per conference. Funds are allocated depending on demand and the discretion of the Project Director. Priority will be given to staff & faculty working directly with IMPACT AAPI.

Grant funds can be allocated for:

  • The conference, workshop, or seminar fee.
  • Airfare or driving mileage to the event.
  • Ground transportation, such as local public transportation, taxi or shuttle from airport to hotel, car rental.
  • Meals/per diem. Estimate actual meal costs for your application, not to exceed the maximums of per diem: Breakfast = $10 per day, Lunch = $15 per day, Dinner = $30 per day.
  • Lodging expenses if event is further than 75 miles away from the campus.

After the conference

Fill out the trip voucher and attach original receipts for all items (except for meals) for which a reimbursement is being requested.

The District external auditors require original receipts and proof of payment to be turned in with your Trip Voucher for reimbursement of your approved expenses. Please make a copy of your receipts for your own records before turning them in with your Trip Voucher.

  • Receipts for expenses paid by credit card must show your name, the completed transaction (showing a $0 balance), the credit card type, and for VISA credit card receipts, the first 4 digits of the credit card number. [You can attach a copy of your credit card bill if the receipt does not provide the needed information.]
  • Receipts for expenses paid by personal check must show "paid by check" or you may record "paid by check" and the check number, and initial it.
  • Receipts for expenses paid with cash must show "paid in cash" or you may record "paid in cash" on the receipt and initial it.

Meals/Per Diem reimbursement:

You do not need to submit receipts for meals. On your trip voucher, simply record how much you spent per meal. Please note, you will only be reimbursed for amounts up to $10 per day for Breakfast, $15 per day for Lunch, and $30 per day for Dinner. You can either record the exact amount you spent per meal or elect to receive the per meal/per diem by recording those maximum allowable amounts on the Trip Voucher. (See "Per Diem" section on for details.)

Note: You cannot claim reimbursements for meals that are provided by the conference. You will need to submit a schedule of the conference if you are claiming any meal reimbursements.

Mileage Reimbursement Voucher: 56 cents per mile calculated from De Anza College.

f you plan to use both the DA Staff Development funds and IMPACT AAPI funds, attach a copy of the reimbursement paperwork you sent to the Staff Development Office so we can see who is reimbursing what parts of the trip. IMPACT AAPI and the Staff Development Office work together in submitting your paperwork to Accounts Payable.

Write a one-page summary of the conference, describing:

  • What you learned that will help you in the classroom, or what you gained that will enhance the college‚Äôs capacity to better serve AAPI and other underserved students.
  • How the event relates to your work for the grant project, or assists you in working more effectively with AAPI or other underrepresented students at De Anza College.
  • How you will apply what you learned in concrete terms.

Submit materials from steps 2-4 to the Project Director within 30 days after the activity date.

NOTE: Though IMPACT AAPI's fiscal year ends September 30, the district's fiscal year ends June 30. Any travel reimbursements must be turned in to the district before July 15, otherwise your reimbursement request will NOT BE PROCESSED.

Example: You attend a conference on June 27. Even though by IMPACT AAPI's policy, you have until July 27 to submit your trip voucher/receipts/summary, you must turn in your trip voucher/receipts/summary so it can be processed by us, and then sent to Accounts Payable, all before July 15, in order to be reimbursed.

For a list of suggested academic conferences, visit our conferences page.

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