Time/Activity Reporting Forms 

FHDA employees and temporary workers who receive payment through the De Anza College AANAPISI Grant must complete a Time Activity Report Form

Time Activity Report forms are due 7 days after the calendar month in which a person received pay. Completed forms should be returned to the IMPACT AAPI mailbox in the Admin. building. These required forms are submitted to the FHDA District Grants Office on the 15th of each month.

The type of form you submit depends on your role in the program:


  • Fill out a Time Log Activity Reporting Form (MONTHLY) (PDF) (Word). For example, if payment is made for grant work in the month of June, a June Time Activity Form is due by July 5 detailing those activities completed in June.
  • The purpose of the form is to confirm payroll fiscal records for all grant activities. On this form, instructors should describe how they spent their time and what they worked on while receiving grant support. (Example)

Staff and Student Workers:

  • Staff and student assistants complete a Time Certification Form (PDF) (Word) every six months (due June 30 and December 30).

TEAs (Temporary Employee Assignment):

  • Fill out a Time Certification Form (PDF) for every 6-month period (January through June or July through December) that you are compensated by the grant.
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