Admitted to De Anza for next quarter? 

Check out the FAQs below.

I have received my admission packet with my I-20.  What is my next step?

Be sure to read through all the material that was sent to you and visit the Admitted Students page for further information.  The next step would be for you to pay the SEVIS fee and apply/schedule your F-1 visa interview. 

When can I enter the U.S.?

New students coming from abroad can only enter the U.S. 30 days or less before the reporting date indicated on the I-20.

When do I submit the health verification form?

This form should be returned with attached medical proof to the ISP office during orientation.  If you are not able to obtain these immunizations and the TB test results from your home country, you can get them at the De Anza Health Center after you start your first quarter.  More information about this will be given at orientation.

Do I have to attend the international student orientation program?

Yes.  The orientation is mandatory for all new F-1 students, regardless of your previous experience studying in the U.S.  Attendance at orientation is one of the steps to receiving priority registration for your second quarter at De Anza.  If you have a special circumstance that prevents you from attending, you should be sure to register for classes as soon as your registration date arrives, schedule your own appointment to take the placement test, and check in at the ISP office as soon as you arrive.

How do I register for classes?

Log in to MyPortal using your CWID number and password.  Click on the Registration Tab to view your registration date, and select the campus and quarter to view available classes.  Your registration date will also be posted on the Orientation & Registration page and emailed to you at least 2-3 weeks prior to your registration date. 

What is my CWID number and where can I find it?

Your Campus Wide ID (CWID) is the 8-digit number that you will use to log in to MyPortal and access other campus services.  Your number is on your official acceptance letter from De Anza and it is also written in pencil at the top of your I-20.

I can't log in to MyPortal. What should I do?

Your account may not be active yet.  Even if you received your acceptance packet and I-20, you may still need to wait a few weeks for your account to be activated.  Try again at a later date.  If you still can't log in by your registration date, please contact the ISP office at  Always include your full name and CWID in emails to the ISP office.

How can I register for the placement test?

If you will take the placement tests during orientation, you do NOT need to make an appointment.  We will assign you a time to take the placement tests when you check in at orientation.  If you are in the U.S. and want to take the tests earlier, or if you cannot attend orientation, you must make your own appointment either in person at the Assessment Center, or on the Assessment Center website.  (Note: you will need your CWID to register).

I took Math/English at a previous school.  Do I still need to take the placements tests?

If you have course credits from a U.S. college or university, you can submit your transcripts to Admissions & Records to get pre-requisite clearance and waive the placement tests.  Note that this process can take several weeks to complete and in the meantime you will still be blocked from registering for courses with a pre-requisite.  Submit your form as early as possible to avoid a delay in registration.

Can I transfer credit from another school to De Anza?

Once you become a student at De Anza College, you will have a chance to meet with a counselor who will help you forward your transcripts to Admissions & Records for evaluation. Note: De Anza does not evaluate foreign transcripts or credentials.  Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an outside, certified agency first.

Can I change my major?

Major changes can only be done after your first quarter at De Anza and by making an appointment with a counselor.  However, you are free to start taking classes for your new/preferred major at any time. 

Can I apply for financial aid or scholarships?

 F-1 students are not eligible for financial aid; however, you can apply for certain scholarships after beginning your first quarter at De Anza.

When are the tuition and fees due?

International students on the F-1 visa are given until the 2nd Friday of the fall, winter, or spring quarter to pay their tuition and fees.  (Student taking summer quarter classes must pay immediately upon registering).

Can I waive the health insurance fee?

It is mandatory for all F-1 international students to purchase the health insurance plan selected by the Foothill-De Anza district.  Waivers are granted only under very specific circumstances: if you are covered under an insurance plan from a parent or spouse who is a US citizen or permanent resident. Contact Office Coordinator Ines Cordoba Robyn for more information about health insurance.

How can I find housing?

 De Anza College does not have housing placement services, but the ISP office offers several resources to help you find housing.  See the Housing page for more details.
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