Kirsch Center

Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies

Contact and Tour Information

Students and the general public are always welcome to visit the Kirsch Center during normal working hours!  Please contact us to arrange a special tour or to ask about our programs.

Kirsch Center

Pat Cornely
Kirsch Center near parking lot DExecutive Director
Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies
Office: KC 218

Kristin Jensen Sullivan
Morgan Family Chair in Environmental Studies

Office: KC 214

The Kirsch Center is located near the south entrance to De Anza College near parking lot D. Visit our campus map for directions.

Visit the Environmental Studies Department website.

Cheeseman Environmental Study Area

Diana Martinez
Cheeseman ESA Coordinator
Office: KC 220

Visit the Cheeseman Environmental Study Area Web site.

Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies
Building: KC 219
Phone: 408.864.5446



Last Updated: 11/5/13