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Faculty Classroom Technology Training

Training Handouts

If you have not taught in an MLC classroom, please download and review these PDF documents to orient yourself to both the multimedia equipment instructor console and the green building technology features.

Quick Views
of Console Touch Panel Control

Touch the COMPUTER Button to access the in-room computer.

Console Control Buttons

Select the HELP button for tips and the ETS Call Center phone number.

Console Help Button

Help Maintain Air Comfort and Energy Efficiency in the Classroom

Each classroom includes its own air temperature intake system. Please keep the classroom doors closed except when entering and leaving.

Airflow system

Instructor Console with Computer, Document Camera, Laptop Input, and Console Touch Control Panel
MLC Instructor Console
Touch the Console Control Panel to Access the Button Interface

Console Control Buttons

Each button on the left will provide an interface and instructions/tips for managing that selection.

Open cabinet at console to access Blu-Ray DVD player

DVD Player Access

Need help?

Please review the documents provided before your first day of class in the MLC.

If something is not working as intended, contact the ETS Call Center at 408.864.8324. Use ext. 8324 from the classroom.

Media & Learning Center
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Last Updated: 9/16/13