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The following are quick links designed to put you in touch with Music Department faculty members who specialize in various aspects of our program. (Additional information about faculty members, including a listing of adjunct faculty, is found on the Faculty page.)

The college website maintains a directory of faculty websites.

Ensembles and Performance Areas

  • Comprehensive Musicianship ("Music Theory") and Composition: Paul Setziol (contact information below)
  • Guitar: Ron Dunn (contact information below)
  • World Music: Ron Dun (contact information below)
  • Vocal Music and Choirs: Ilan Glasman (contact information below)
  • Electronic Music and Music Technology: Dan Mitchell (contact information below)
  • De Anza Chamber Orchestra: Loren Tayerle — (408) 864-8999 x3499, Email
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Band), Instrumental Jazz: John Russell — (408) 864-8999 x3525, Email
  • Piano: John David Thomsen — (408) 864-8999 x3592, Email
  • Jazz Piano: Jim Schneider — (408) 864-8999 x3497, Email

For general music department questions about topics not listed above, contact any of the full time faculty members listed below.

Full-time faculty

Ron Dunn
  • Specialities: Guitar, World Music
  • Teaches Guitar, World Music, Introduction to Music
  • Office phone:  (408) 864-8818
  • Email
  • Website
Ilan Glasman
  • Specialities: Voice, Choirs , Introduction to Music
  • Teaches Beginning Singing, Vintage Singers, De Anza Chorale, Introduction to Music
  • Office phone:  (408) 864-5574
  • Email
  • Website
Dan Mitchell
  • Specialities: Electronic Music and Music Technology, Introduction to Music
  • Teaches Electronic Music, Introduction to Music
  • Office phone:  (408) 864-8511
  • Email
  • Website
Paul Setziol
  • Specialities: Comprehensive Musicianship ("Music Theory"), Voice, Composition
  • Teaches Comprehensive Musicianship, Beginning Voice, Composition
  • Office phone:  (408) 864-8512
  • Email

Music Building: A-Quad
Contact: Creative Arts Division

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