Course Repetition

Course repetition is regulated by state guidelines (55042, 58161, 55024, 55045). Students may not enroll in the same course for more than a total of three times, including substandard grades and Ws (per 55040 and 58161).

Students may repeat any course for which they have earned an F, D, or NP twice, providing they have not earned any Ws for that course (55042). The second grade will supersede the first in calculating the student’s GPA, but the initial course and grade will remain on the permanent record.

If a class is repeated for a third time, the GPA will include the third grade and not the first two grades. If a student does not successfully complete the course on the third attempt, the course must be completed at another college (not including Foothill), or another course chosen to meet the transfer or graduation requirements as a substitute (if one exists).

Students may not repeat a course in which they have earned any grade P/C or above, unless they petition with documented proof that they must repeat the course due to an extended lapse of time or to upgrade skills as a part of recertification.

Students who request repetition for a course prerequisite they have failed twice may repeat the course for one additional time if they have no Ws for that course. If they do not pass the third time, they should see a counselor for additional assistance and may be required to complete the course at another college.

Permission to enroll in a course beyond three times will only be granted due to documented extenuating circumstances, significant lapse of time (5 years) and legally mandated for training/employment.

If you receive a W or D/F and need to repeat the course, see overview and rules for course repetition.


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