Staff and Organizational Development

Professional Development

Second Year Experience Program
for Tenure-Track Faculty 2014 – 2015

The 2nd Year Experience Program for Tenure Candidates came into being as a result of feedback from faculty in the 1st Year Experience Program. New faculty indicated that they would appreciate meeting during the Tenure process to continue to receive information, updates, mentorship, coaching and support. This program meets once a term during the candidate’s 2nd academic tenure review year at De Anza. The Fall workshop will be standard (re: Tenure Review) but the other 2 sessions will be flexible to meet the needs of each cohort. See the 1st Year Experience list for options or other topics may be developed. If candidates choose the “Show me the Money” workshop that is a 2 hour workshop.

Fall Quarter

This interactive session for Tenure Candidates is designed to

  • check in on the Tenure Process for each candidate
  • review the timeline and due dates for Phase II activities
  • engage in a review and conversation regarding the writing each candidate’s personal professional Phase II Tenure Review Evaluation. 

The workshop is facilitated by the Tenure Review Coordinator and the Director of the Office of Staff & Organizational Development. 

Winter Quarter

This interactive session has been developed as a way for new faculty to meet and have some “face” time with the President of De Anza College in a more intimate setting. Topics will vary depending on “what’s up."

Spring Quarter

The Director of the Office of Staff & Organizational Development and De Anza's Human Resources representative will

  • do a quick review of the PGA/PAA application
  • cover PGA eligibility requirements
  • help you define what constitutes a professional growth activity
  • explain how PGA/PAA relates to advancement on the faculty step and column salary scale
  • Professional Development Leaves in relation to salary
  • give an overview of TSAs (Tax Shelter Annuities) and other financial saving opportunities of which De Anza faculty can avail themselves

Bring your PGA/PAA Organizer.

Building: Media and Learning Center, room 246
Contact: Mary Kay Englen
Phone: 408.864.8322



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