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If a class you need is closed when you register (add a class), you must use the MyPortal registration system to be placed on the waitlist, if there is still room available on the waitlist.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add your name to a waitlist, see page 6 of theAdobe PDF icon Registration Guide for Students (1MB 7 pages).

What should I know when choosing to be on a waitlist?

  1. You may only be on one waitlist for each course (not multiple sections).

  2. If you are already enrolled in a section, you cannot be on a waitlist for the same course.

  3. You cannot be on a waitlist for a class if you are already registered for a different course during the same time period.

  4. If a space becomes available for your waitlisted section, you will be automatically enrolled in the class. An email confirmation will be sent to you. If you no longer want this class, it is your responsibility to drop it. Check your e-mail regularly!

  5. Be sure to pay for classes that you add or you may be dropped for nonpayment.  (Be familiar with payment requirements and deadlines.)

  6. You need to have met the prerequistes for a class before you can get on a waitlist.  See Assessment Center staff for prerequisite clearance using coursework from other colleges.

Other Important Information

  • Only place your name on a waiting list IF you intend to add the class once a seat becomes available.
  • Waitlisted students must be present at the first meeting of the class. Students who receive an instructor's approval to be added to a class from a waiting list must immediately add the class online.

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Last Updated: 6/24/14