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Visual & Performing Arts Center Rental

Rental Policies for De Anza College Groups and Organizations

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The Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC) auditorium is available for use by De Anza College organizations and clubs when it is not being used for classes, instruction-related activities, or has not been previously booked or rented.

De Anza groups will be required to pay the cost of labor only for use of the VPAC if it is available.

De Anza College groups and organizations (e.g. DASB, clubs, shared governance groups, etc.) will be allowed use of the VPAC only under the following conditions:

  • Funding for the event is guaranteed by the Dean of their department
  • The event directly benefit of the campus students or College
  • A full-time faculty or staff person is present and responsible for the activities of the group/organization
  • If there is a charge for the event, proceeds must go to the group/organization or De Anza College.     

In order to secure the usage of VPAC space for De Anza College groups and organizations, please contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator ext. 8333 or

Please remember regularly scheduled classes, instructional activities and booked rental events have priority for VPAC use.

De Anza College groups, clubs, and organizations will be waived the standard fees associated with VPAC rental and be responsible for the COST OF LABOR ONLY.  Please contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at ext. 8333 or for more details on fees.

Visual & Performing ArTS Center Rentals

Contact: Christian Winn

Building: Administration
Office: 408.864.8333
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Fax: 408.864.5454


Last Updated: 3/6/18