History as Mystery: A Critique of Western Perspectives in a Global Context

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As history reveals, it also conceals; so, what do historical narratives conceal? What kind of historical scripts might emerge from our descendants based on our current-cultural artifacts? This is an interdisciplinary discussion that identifies, examines, analyzes and critiques fundamental western concepts from aesthetics, history, philosophy, religion and science as representative of a perspective from an historical or cross-cultural context. Emphasis will be placed on how the past, present, and future have the potential to inform one another and are framed by perspective.

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38367 HUMI 18 50Z ······· TBA-TBA Andrew Wood ONLINE

Class Materials: View textbook and/or other materials for this course available at the Bookstore.
Class Dates: This class runs from 2023-02-20 to 2023-03-31.
Limitation(s) on Enrollment: Not open to students with credit in the Honors Program related course.
General Course Statement(s): See general education pages for the requirements this course meets.

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4 Units
  • Weekly Lecture Hours: 4
  • Weekly Lab Hours: 0
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EWRT D001A or EWRT D01AH or (EWRT D01AS and EWRT D01AT) or ESL D005.
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