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Writing and Reading Center (WRC)

About the WRC

The Writing and Reading Center's tutors

The WRC is a place where any currently enrolled student with a DASB card may come to work with a tutor in writing or reading college coursework. The lab is wheelchair accessible.


The WRC supports De Anza College's mission by fostering dynamic, diverse, empowering experiences that cultivate and celebrate learning through writing and reading.


The WRC's tutors welcome you!

  • 30-minute drop-in tutoring for writing and reading

  • Hour-long weekly individual tutoring (students must fill out a Weekly Individual Tutee Application)

  • Computers and writing and reading resources

  • Workshops for students and faculty

  • Tutoring session planning form (doc or pdf)--for faculty and students

Drop-in tutoring is ideal if you need short-term help for English/ESL/speech and writing for any De Anza course. The time limit for drop-in tutoring is 30 minutes per session. 

No application is needed for drop-in tutoring, but you must sign in.

Advisory:  Sign-in for a session should be at least one hour before closing.

Weekly Individual tutoring is ideal for students who need one-on-one assistance for the entire fall, winter, or spring quarter with their reading and/or writing coursework. You and your tutor will meet in the WRC once or twice a week, up to two hours each week. During this time, you can work on areas and topics that you need help with and learn strategies to help you study the subject better on your own. Depending on tutor availability and budget constraints, we can't guarantee that we can provide an individual tutor for each student who requests one, but we will do our best. It helps to apply early in the quarter.

You also must complete a Weekly Individual Tutee Application to request a weekly individual tutor. 

You must be a currently registered De Anza student enrolled in the course for which you are requesting a tutor.

Please do your class assignments BEFORE your tutoring sessions, and bring your class materials and specific questions for your tutor. Tutors are not allowed to correct your homework, edit papers, or give you answers. Tutors can help you review your own work, and can explain concepts that are difficult for you.



Writing and Reading Center
Building: AT 309

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