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Faculty Website Guide

Editing Your Faculty Profile Page

Step 1 Log in to your My Faculty Page

  1. Browse to your Faculty Profile website, usually
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and log in. (See Logging In)

Step 2 Select the Appropriate Edit Button

Faculty Profile Edit ButtonsWhen you first log in to edit your profile page, you'll see a set of buttons for editing different areas of your page.

MultiEditUse the MultiEdit button to change or add information to your "My Faculty Page" content area, including these sections:

  • Quote
  • Your faculty photo
  • Contact information next to your photo
  • Areas of focus
  • Education
  • Biography
  • Note: The Classes That I Teach section automatically updates each quarter.

Note: To access the MultiEdit section

  1. Check out the light bulbFirst CLICK (turn on/check out) the light bulb.
  2. Then CLICK the MultiEdit button.

Edit Main ContentCLICK Edit Main Content to upload and link to course syllabi from your home page or edit the text about access to your syllabi.

Edit Left NavigationClick Edit Left Navigation to change, add or remove a link on the left menu listing.


Edit InfoClick Edit Information Area to change the Contact information at the bottom of the left menu column.

Note: You likely will not need to edit the breadcrumb or picture areas for this page. As listed above, you will click Multi Edit to change your faculty image.

Step 3 Use MultiEdit to Update Profile Content

Faculty Profile Edit FieldsMultiEditBy selecting the MultiEdit button, you'll see a set of fields, populated based on information you provided during the Profile request process.


Follow these general steps 1-3 when making changes to any group of fields during a single MultiEdit session.

  1. Make changes based on steps for content type listed below: Text only, Profile photo, and Email or Dept links.
  2. Then SCROLL to bottom of page to CLICK Save.
  3. Follow steps for Publishing Changes.

If a field includes only text, simply add/edit/delete existing text to make changes. 


Some text fields also include an editing toolbar. You may use it if you want to include formatting, such as bold or italic.

Follow these steps to upload a photo and update your faculty profile image.

  1. Select an image that has been or can be cropped/resized to one of the following dimensions and have it on your computer ready for upload. (You can resize and crop the image once it's been uploaded to OU Campus.)

    • 167 px wide x 225 px high
    • 300 px wide x 225 px high

  2. CLICK the image icon Faculty Photo Edit Image Icon in the Photo bar.
    Photo Profile Edit Icon

  3. A Select Image box will open. CLICK Upload. Upload Button

  4. CLICK Add Files button  Add Files or DRAG and DROP the image file into the box area from your computer. (Rename the image file so that it is all lowercase, no spaces. Include .jpg or .png file extension)

  5. CLICK Start Upload Start Upload Button

  6. SELECT the newly uploaded image to insert. Then CLICK the Insert Button.
Resizing and Cropping Your Image with OU Campus

After you upload your image, you can edit it to fit the dimensions required for the profile page. Select Upload and Edit from the Upload dropdown menu first.


  1. After you upload the image, the image editing tools will appear. Resize and crop the image as needed.

  2. Then CLICK Save As Save As Button and rename file.

  3. Make sure the new file name is selected and CLICK Insert.

  4. CLICK Save at bottom of page. Save Button

You can update your email or dept links by using the Email or Link icon on the Editing Toolbar.

  1. HIGHLIGHT the link name and change the text to the new email address or department name.
  2. CLICK anywhere inside the link and select the appropriate link tool. Link tools
  3. CHANGE the department URL or your email address and CLICK Update.

Remember to Use Save Button for Profile Changes Save Button

Once you've completed all your changes, SCROLL to the bottom of the page and CLICK Save. Then follow steps for Publishing Changes.

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Last Updated: 8/5/14