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Editing a Page with the WYSIWYG Toolbar

Editing a page in OmniUpdate is a lot like using Word. It can be that easy.

After creating a New Class Page with one of the faculty templates, your page will be pre-populated with content that can be edited with your information. You'll use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) toolbar for that.

Page Editor Toobar

Access the Toolbar by Selecting an Area to Edit

CLICK Edit Main Content to edit the main body of content. Edit Main Content

Edit Left NavigationCLICK Edit Left Navigation to change, add or remove a link on the left menu listing.

Edit InfoCLICK Edit Information Area to change the Contact information at the bottom of the left menu.

Learning What You Can Do With the Tools

  • Place your pointer over any of the icons on the toolbar in OmniUpdate to learn it's name and the keyboard shortcut (if one is available) that you can use to select the action.

  • To be become more familiar with the functions of each tool, visit the OmniUpdate Support website to read the Toolbar and Tools Overview. Some tools may not be included currently to use in OU Campus at De Anza.

Copying and Pasting Content from Another Source

You can also easily copy and paste text from another website and or Word document into your OU Campus page.

If you find that the text style formatting is carried over from another document, try using one of these tools:

  • Paste as Plain text toolPaste as Plain Text

  • Remove Formatting toolRemove Formatting

Key Actions You'll Want to Know

  • Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl +V):  Use keyboard shortcuts to delete and move content on a page. Mac Users: Use Cmnd + X, C and V

  • Save Icon Save: When done making changes, click the toolbar Save icon before exiting your content.

  • Save in Place (Ctrl or Cmnd + S): Use the keyboard shortcut for saving while still working on a section.

  • Undo toolUndo: As you edit a page, you can Undo and Redo actions in sequence, even if you Save in Place. Once you exit an editing session by clicking the Save icon, you can only revert back to a previously saved version or published version of the page.

  • Insert/Edit Links: Use the link tools Link tools for adding and editing links to pages within your website and resources on other websites. Clicking the Link tool also leads to steps for uploading PDFs for posting to a class page, the main reason many faculty want a website! Use the mail link tool to create a link to your email.

  • Image iconInsert/Edit ages:

  • Text Formatting

    If you want to highlight a short section of text, use the Bold, Italics or Text highlight tool Text Highlight tools.

    Also use the Text Color ToolText Color tool and sparingly. We recommend keeping your body text color the default black.

    Don't change the font size or text color for an entire paragraph or page.


    Reserve the use of a larger text size for subheadings, using the Format selection toolFormat (middle) text selection tool  (not the far left Font Size). The Format selection may show as paragraph or a heading when you place your cursor of your text. Your default page title is a Heading 3. Use Heading 4, then Heading 5 for categories within the Heading 4 subset.

    Add color to a subheading using the Style selection tool Style selection tool.

  • Table Tools Table tools

    To call out important information on a page, include it in a table such as with one. In fact, you can copy and paste this table into your page and edit it from there!

    To create a new table, you must select the Table tool icon Insert/Edit Table Tool to start. Or, just copy and past the start of this table below and add/delete columns and rows.

    Header 1Header 2Header 3


Action to Avoid!

  • Do not use the Underline tool for highlighting text. Your website users will think the underlined words are a link.

Saving Your Changes

  1. Always click the Save iconSave Icon at the top left corner of the toolbar when you're done making changes to your page, except when using MultiEdit to update your faculty profile page.

  2. Then follow steps for Publishing Changes.

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Last Updated: 9/9/14