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 June 15-July 10
               MATH PREPARATION – GRADE 7 ★
Entering Grade 7 – Students in this course will extend their knowledge of ratios and apply proportionality concepts in solving single- and multi-step problems, expressions and equations. Students will learn problem- solving strategies as they deepen their understanding of two- and three-dimensional figures, while making connections to scale drawings.
Entering Grade 8 – Students in this class will extend their knowledge of expressions and equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving both linear equations and systems of linear equations. Students will also learn about functions and using functions to describe quantitative relationships. In addition, the class will explore problem-solving strategies as students deepen their understanding of two- and three-dimensional space and figures, while using distance, angle, similarity and congruence. The course also covers understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.
Entering Grades 6-9 – This hands-on class will focus on what astronomers know about the sun, moon, solar system, stars and galaxies, and the clever ways they glean this information from visible and invisible light. Students will study and build simple telescopes and spectroscopes, explore parallax and other techniques, learn to use a star chart and examine strange stars and
planets circling other suns. Students also will create images of these objects by using a robotic telescope network. This course is offered in partnership with the De Anza College Planetarium.
Entering Grades 6 and 7 – Physics examines the universe around us, including what we experience physically and how we can explain those experiences mathematically. This class is designed to help students better describe the physical world through key physics principles. Students will build projects and kits to take home for continued study. We will explore forces, energy and motion by building spectroscopes, solar cars and more, and by analyzing weather and atmospheric data while using simple, everyday materials.
  The Math Preparation series is designed to introduce key Common Core math concepts from the upcoming year while reinforcing the prior year’s most essential carryover skills.
★ Meets Common Core standards
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