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eligibility requirements may not be sufficient for admission. Supplementary admission criteria are used to screen all applicants for admission to impacted majors.
Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) to the CSU
The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440) established an Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) for community college students. The AA-T and AS-T degrees are designed to provide a clear pathway to a CSU degree major. For information on meeting the requirements for an AA-T or AS-T degree, students should consult with a counselor or academic adviser.
To view a current list of De Anza AA-T and AS-T degrees, visit:
■ certificates
■ deanza. edu/articulation/apply-adt
Private (or independent) and out-of- state universities have transfer admission, general education and major requirements that are specific to each campus. De Anza has articulation agreements with select independent colleges and universities located in California and out-of-state. This information is available at articulation/agreements.
To view information, resources and tools for transfer to private colleges and universities in California, visit california. Transfer admission requirements and transfer credit policies for out-of-state colleges and universities are generally listed in college catalogs and on university admission websites. To ensure a smooth transfer process, students are advised to contact the school where they wish to transfer.
A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) – also referred to as a Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA) – is a commitment that select colleges and universities provide to De Anza students who fulfill specific admission, GPA and course requirements. A TAG serves as a contract between a student and a transfer college or university. Students who complete a TAG and meet the contractual requirements are guaranteed admission to the university.
Students may prepare for a TAG by working with a counselor or academic adviser early in their academic career to develop an education plan for transfer. With a TAG in place, students have the benefit of knowing that each course completed has been agreed upon and that any loss of credit will be minimized by the participating transfer institution. The following institutions participate in a guaranteed admission program with De Anza. However, these agreements are subject to change without notice: University of California
■ UC Davis
■ UC Irvine
■ UC Merced
■ UC Riverside
■ UC Santa Barbara ■ UC Santa Cruz
Private Colleges and Universities
■ Arizona State University
■ Santa Clara University
■ University of the Pacific
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Participating HBCUs provide guaranteed transfer to De Anza and California community college students who complete certain academic requirements. For a current list of participating HBCUs, visit
Students may visit articulation to view information about TAG eligibility, requirements and deadlines and are encouraged to meet with a counselor or academic adviser to learn how to initiate and fulfill a TAG.
Determine transfer goals early
Deciding on a college and a major early enables students to focus on planning and meeting specific transfer goals. Students are encouraged to start researching transfer options early in their college career and to consider several colleges and alternative majors in their planning to maximize the chances for successful transfer.
Be competitive – Be “transfer ready” Do not wait until the last quarter to take math and English
Complete transferable math and English requirements as early as possible. Remember to consider any prerequisites and prerequisite advisories associated with each course, and utilize tutoring support services on campus, as needed.
Conduct research on prospective transfer institutions
A successful transfer requires planning early and understanding what is required to transfer, including:
■ minimum transfer admission requirements
■ lower-division major requirements ■ competitive GPA for the major and
■ application process and deadlines
Information regarding transfer is subject to change so it is important for students to check university websites and other available resources periodically for updates and changes to transfer admission and major requirements.
Develop an education plan for transfer Consult with a counselor or academic adviser to identify required coursework to include in an education plan for transfer. Complete general education (GE) requirements
To be as competitive as possible, complete all or as many lower-division GE courses as possible prior to transfer. Students pursuing high-unit majors are generally advised to focus on completing major preparation coursework while meeting the minimum admission requirements for transfer. For students who plan to complete CSU GE or IGETC (see pages 49-54), remember to request GE certification from De Anza’s Admissions and Records office.

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