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Complete major preparation requirements prior to transfer
Due to the increasingly competitive nature of the transfer admissions process, many majors require completion of lower- division major preparation courses prior to transfer. This is especially true for high-unit majors (e.g. science and engineering). Visit for lower-division major requirements for transfer to the CSU and UC campuses.
Develop relationships with instructors, counselors, and academic advisers
This is especially helpful as applications for admission and scholarships may require letters of recommendation.
Keep course syllabi
Students should retain the course syllabi for all completed classes and select course materials (such as writing samples and final exams) in case a transfer institution requests such documentation.
Check and update your email on a regular basis
Most colleges use email as their primary means of communication with students. It is important to make sure that colleges and universities have the most current email address on file and to check messages often to ensure compliance with any requests, requirements, and deadlines.
Keep on top of deadlines!

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