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AUTO 50A Introduction to Automotive Principles414-15

AUTO 50B Applied Automotive Principles214-15

AUTO 51A Introduction to Automotive Principles - Chassis Systems414-15

AUTO 51B Applications of Automotive Principles - Chassis Systems214-15

AUTO 53A Automotive Mechanisms314-15

AUTO 53B Automotive Electromechanical Systems214-15

AUTO 57A Career Research and Employment in the Automotive Industry214-15

AUTO 60 Automotive Electrical Systems914-15

AUTO 60A Electrical Schematic Diagnosis4 1/214-15

AUTO 60B Automotive Electronics4 1/214-15

AUTO 60C Automotive Ignition, Fuel and Emission Systems914-15

AUTO 60D Ignition Analysis and Oscilloscope Diagnosis4 1/214-15

AUTO 60E Automotive Fuel Injection4 1/214-15

AUTO 60F No-Start Diagnosis4 1/214-15

AUTO 60G Advanced Scan Tool Diagnosis4 1/214-15

AUTO 60H Advanced Drivability and Onboard Diagnostics4 1/214-15

AUTO 60J Advanced Lab Scope and Waveform Diagnosis4 1/214-15

AUTO 60K Automotive Body Electrical Systems4 1/214-15

AUTO 60N Hybrid Vehicle Safety and Maintenance214-15

AUTO 61A Automotive Brake Systems4 1/214-15

AUTO 61B Electronically Controlled Brake Systems4 1/214-15

AUTO 62A Automotive Suspension, Steering and Alignment914-15

AUTO 62B Advanced Wheel Alignment914-15

AUTO 63 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles914-15

AUTO 63A Advanced Manual Drive Train914-15

AUTO 63D Transmission Diagnostic and Repair Techniques4 1/214-15

AUTO 64 Automotive Machining and Engine Repair914-15

AUTO 64HP High Performance Engine Preparation914-15

AUTO 65P Clean Air Car Course714-15

AUTO 65W Advanced Clean Air Car Course2 1/214-15

AUTO 66 Automotive Air Conditioning4 1/214-15

AUTO 67A Hybrid Electric Vehicles4 1/214-15

AUTO 67B Plug-In Electric Vehicle Technology4 1/214-15

AUTO 67J Introduction to Automotive and Light Truck Diesel Systems4 1/214-15

AUTO 69X Smog Check Update114-15

AUTO 69Y Smog Check Update1 1/214-15

AUTO 69Z Smog Check Update214-15

AUTO 91A Automotive Brake Systems514-15

AUTO 91B Active Brake Systems1 1/214-15

AUTO 92A Automotive Steering and Suspension514-15

AUTO 92B Automotive Alignment514-15

AUTO 92C Automotive Electronic Chassis Controls1 1/214-15

AUTO 92D Uni-Body Alignment1 1/214-15

AUTO 93A Automotive Final Drive Train514-15

AUTO 93B Standard Transaxles1 1/214-15

AUTO 93C Automatic Transmissions514-15

AUTO 93D Automatic Transaxles1 1/214-15

AUTO 93E Diagnostic Techniques114-15

AUTO 93F Automotive Transmission Service514-15

AUTO 94A Principles of Four Stroke Cycle Gas and Diesel Engines514-15

AUTO 94B Automotive Machining and Engine Service514-15

AUTO 94C Automotive Machining and Engine Service514-15

AUTO 94D Automotive Machining and Engine Service514-15

AUTO 94E Automotive Machining and Engine Service514-15

AUTO 94F Automotive Machining and Engine Service514-15

AUTO 99A Automotive Electricity, Battery and Cranking Systems6 1/414-15

AUTO 99B Automotive Charging, Ignition and Accessory Systems6 1/414-15

AUTO 99C Introduction to Engine Performance Systems6 1/414-15

AUTO 99D Intermediate Engine Performance Systems6 1/414-15

AUTO 99E Basic Engine Performance Diagnostic Procedures6 1/414-15

AUTO 99F Intermediate Engine Performance Diagnostic Procedures6 1/414-15

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