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Our esteemed colleague, Professor Monika Thomas has been awarded a Stanford fellowship for the year 2016-17. She will work collaboratively with colleagues at Stanford for one academic year on projects aimed at internationalizing course curricula and producing innovative curricular materials for use in community college classrooms.

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Thursday, Oct. 9,  2008

Panel Discussion on "The Economy and the Bailout"
Join faculty members Mike Gough, Chris Kwak, Byron Lilly, Roger Mack,
Dan Salah, Ravjeet Singh and moderator Vice President of Educational
Resources & College Operations Jeanine Hawk to discuss the issues.
Where: Admin 106

May 5, 2008 Economic Empowerment through Civic Engagement, Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor (1993-1997),  keynoted a live video conference discussion at De Anza during real-time webcast with students in Miami and New York.

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