Bianca Chavez

(cont'd)  Once I came across EOPS I couldn’t believe all the help that was provided. Even the free backpack was such a blessing. I carried my notebooks in my hands but I no longer had to do that because I was given a new backpack. Having a counselor to talk to was awesome. Anytime I had a question I could drop by. Now as I graduate I intend to transfer and continue my education. I hope that this program continues to thrive. I hope that if my son ever needs it in the future he’ll be able to also count on this assistance. EOPS is the hope of so many low-income students. To all the counselors you are appreciated and this diploma is for you. Thank you.

Maria Bautista

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

EOPS helped set me on the right track towards graduating and transferring to my dream school. Coming to college as a first generation student with no one to guide me on what to expect or what was expected of me was very stressful. Once I joined EOPS I was able to get the support I needed. The EOPS counselors actually care about you and want to see you accomplish your goals. Being able to schedule appointments with the same counselor was great because I was able to have someone who understood my situation as well as someone who was always there to push me to do my best. Before joining EOPS I also had trouble getting into the classes I needed, but because of their early registration service I was able to complete my educational goals in my expected time frame. Their generous book funds also allowed me to fully focus on school by not having to work to be able to afford my textbooks. Thanks to EOPS I will be transferring to UC Davis for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and after I plan to get my Master’s in Regenerative Medicine. Once I complete my education I hope to do research on creating artificial organs or on stem cell therapy.

Adan Perez

  • Transferred to University of California, Riverside
  • Sociology major

Along with the help I received through the Men of Color community, EOPS helped to ensure that I was constantly on task with my requirements to not only graduate, but to move on to a 4 year institution. My counselors: Stevie and Melinda, were always there when I needed to approach them to answer any questions. Being a low income re-entry student living paycheck to paycheck while helping with bills left over from the death of my mother, the book voucher proved to be a tremendous help, as many a time, I was unsure of how I would be able to make my paycheck stretch to be able to afford paying for books. I am forever indebted to EOPS for fostering an attitude of success in my mind that I see greatly ignited. I hope to continue with my education and fulfill a promise I made to myself and to my mother before her death: to continue with my education until I obtain my Ph.D in Chicanx Studies to be able to teach Ethnic Studies, specifically Chicanx and Indigenous Studies at the college level.

Yesenia Ivette Pinon Perez

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Political Science major

The support and services I have received from EOPS have contributed to my success significantly. As an immigrant from Mexico who had no idea how the education system worked, EOPS gave me the support and the information through the counseling services. I had two counselors who I will never forget because of their amazing support. They helped me plan and schedule my classes and they helped me create a plan that led me to transfer to UC Berkeley for the fall. The book fund has to be one of the most important services EOPS has given me. It has helped me the most because it took off a weight I had on my shoulders of paying so much for books with money that was so hard for me to earn. I didn't have EOPS in first year because I didn’t know about it. I remember feeling lost my first quarter with no idea on how college worked. All I knew was that I wanted to go to school and that I would work very hard until I had my law degree. Moreover, I can remember how I couldn’t afford my books and the terrible feeling I felt walking into class without the books I needed. I cannot stress enough on how much EOPS means to me today. They have become the support that has led me to where I am today. As a first generation student with a low income background, I am so grateful for the EOPS team and everything they have done for me. Please continue to do what you do. You guys are amazing.

Emilio Butts

  • Transferred to California State University, East Bay
  • Kinesiology major

I received aid from EOPS in my third year at De Anza and from there my success rate in taking the correct classes due to better counseling skyrocketed. I was finally taking what I needed and not being jerked around by different counselors who had to deal with thousands of other students as well. Another helpful tool that I may not have been able to do without was the book funds that I receive that usually just barely covered my book expenses that would have otherwise come out of my pocket. I’m a low income student who pays rent, car payment, car insurance, food, gas, etc. on my own and spending hundreds of dollars on books more often than not wasn’t in the budget. The gas assistance helped me not only get to school, but get to school on time. I live about 20 minutes from school using the freeway so taking the bus could take me around an hour and a half to get there from my house. On more than one occasion since I’ve been receiving food coupons from EOPS, they’ve kept me from going to class hungry numerous times when I didn’t have food at home to bring and not enough money to buy something. I went to De Anza for two years before I was accepted into EOPS and there’s no doubt in my mind that helped tremendously in making sure that I graduated and kept pursuing my education.

Anh Phan

  • Transferred to California State University, East Bay
  • Nursing major

I am an immigrant who is striving to achieve the American Dream. To me, being able to go to school was out of my ability if I was in my previous country because the English-speaking classes are very expensive there. But here, at De Anza, I was given every means, from book funds to the tuition, and chances to help me pursue my dreams. Especially, I have received very passionate encouragement and meaningful advice from my EOPS counselor, Ms. Lily Greene, who gave me the first, most basic to professional and tremendous steps to prepare for the highly-competitive nursing major. I am so grateful for what she gave to me as the most whole-hearted counselor. She is my angel. Of course, I want to send my deepest thanks to my parents who have always lightened up my mind, my heart, and pushed me out of my comfort zone to conquer the hardest tasks in the path of education. I am accepted into the nursing major at California State University East Bay for this Fall 2018. My studying path will come to the next challenges but I will never forget what De Anza has built to make me who I am today. My goal is to become a registered nurse in the next three years and continue pursuing the Master's Degree of Nursing.

Bryan Nguyen

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Psychology major

EOPS is the best program that I have been introduced to. I feel the personal care that I need. I felt very comfortable asking for help; sometimes I even go there just to chill. I get a lot of financial help with gas, food, and book funds as well. These dramatically helped me and reduce a lot of financial stress for sure. Also, I think best of all, is the early registration. This was a god send because I can see how fast people sign up for classes, and a lot of times, many critical classes are no longer open because of the high demand. So this really helped me graduate on time. EOPS is the best support that I have ever experienced when I knew nothing as a first generation college student. Thank You EOPS.

José Gonzalez

  • Transferred to San Francisco State University
  • Business Administraton major

EOPS has helped me in my academic career in a major way. They provided me with book vouchers. Without this help I don't know how I would have been able to purchase my books. The counseling was the best part of the program. The counselor that I had was amazing. She laid out exactly what my plan was at De Anza. She had answers that really helped me out in the long run. I can honestly say that I would be lost at De Anza if it was not for her. I attribute my success at De Anza mainly to her. EOPS over all is a great program with amazing people in it. This program changes and helps the lives of many of its students. EOPS has hands down helped me transfer so SFSU. After graduating from SFSU I plan to take over my father's business. I feel very confident that furthering my education in business will give me the next steps and advantage to take my father's business to the next level. Thanks to all the EOPS staff and a huge thank you to the people that made this program happened.

Odaly Decena

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Media Studies major

I feel like the EOPS program was an essential contribution to my success during my educational career at De Anza. Being one of the first ones to go to college from my family, I was so lost going into college from high school. EOPS gave me a huge guidance, and made this journey a lot less difficult for me to figure things out on my own. This program forced me to maintain as a full time student, holding a minimum of 14 units every quarter, every single year. It forced me to not stop school and just finish all the way through, even through summer school as well. I feel like I came to De Anza and got out so fast because of the consistency that I had taking all of my classes. Everything was such a breeze for me and my family and I will be forever be grateful for the support that I received from this program here at De Anza.

Thank you EOPS! The help was AMAZING.

Maylene Nguyen

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Business Administration major

I liked how EOPS kept me on track with the classes and goals I needed to meet in order to transfer. I first heard of EOPS from other students when I was struggling to get into my biology and chemistry classes I needed for my past major. I soon looked into it realizing how great the program is. The mandatory counseling appointments kept me on track with making sure I took the right classes, but also applying to CSUs and meeting deadlines. When I received my first package of supplies along with a backpack, I was so surprised at how giving the program is. They really aim to get students to transfer and make sure we are aware and taken care of. My goal after education is to, of course, find a job, but also help give back. I think EOPS has taught me a valuable lesson. When help is needed, all you need to do is ask, but to also help others.

Angela Lopez

  • Transferred to University of California, San Diego
  • Sociology/Law and Society major

I have been very blessed. There aren't many words that can describe the feelings I have for EOPS. You guys are like family to me. I always felt welcome coming into the office with everyone always smiling, greeting nicely. It made printing paper that much better. I was never turned away with unanswered questions. At EOPS my problems felt small, always had big solutions. I learned so much from EOPS, and I made so many friends. I feel very special to have found my college community at EOPS.

¡Muchas gracias a todos!

#ProudScholar #Immigrant

¡Si, Se Puede!

Anh Nguyen

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Business Administraton major

I have received a lot of benefits and support from EOPS during my 2 years at De Anza College. It was not easy for me to be a full time student and work over 40 hours a week. The contribution provided by EOPS was not only about financial issue, but also all the advice and lessons from my counselor. I was kinda lost and stressed in my first year and Lydia got my back, has been with me through thick and thin. She gave me such an appreciated support, helped me believe more in myself, encouraged me to overcome all the obstacles in my education path and guided me to be a better person. And to the other people at EOPS service, you all are enthusiastic and awesome too! I'm so grateful to have you guys by my side.

Beatriz Fuentes

  • Transferred to California State University, East Bay
  • Criminal Justice Administration major

When I started at De Anza and joined EOPS I learned about all their great services they offer students such as, free printing, free computer use, book vouchers, food vouchers, gas cards, counseling, etc., and I was like “wow this is really going to help me get through college.” Also, I was assigned to an excellent counselor. She had helped me throughout the quarters finding a better ed plan and school schedule that fits well for me, and when I wasn’t doing so well, she had never lost hope in me. She always believed in me and that type of motivation helped me do better and be where I am right now! Having EOPS was great because without their book funding I feel like I wouldn't have been able to afford getting my books. If I needed to print or use a computer EOPS was always there and with this great service, I never had to worry about going empty to class because I knew I was able to print out my papers at the EOPS office at any time. Even though I became a mother to a wonderful daughter, it hasn’t stopped me to continue with my education. Now that I’m on my last quarter at De Anza, my goal is to graduate and receive my A.A. degree, transfer to CSU East Bay which I’m happy to announce that I got accepted, get my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in two years and hoping to continue to get my Master’s Degree. I want to become a Correctional Officer and keep moving up to reach up to one of my biggest goals, which is to become an FBI Agent. Finally I want to say thank you EOPS for all your support and service, without them I wouldn’t be where I am now, and for all the great counselors that had helped a lot of students get through college.

Tien Nguyen

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Psychology major

During my time in De Anza, the support from EOPS contributed largely to my academic success from day one to my transfer. As a new student who did not go to high school in the U.S., EOPS counseling helped me get over my overwhelming confusion to the new school system and become more confident in my transferring plan. The early registration priority was definitely one of the biggest help to get the classes I needed while keeping the balance with my personal schedule. The book funds, calculator renting, and free printing took a lot of financial pressure off my shoulder as an independent student with limited budget as I am. I also really appreciate lots of helpful workshops organized by EOPS which brings counselors right on campus to deliver the information we need. Plus, everyone at EOPS is very understanding, friendly and helpful all the time!

After completing my education, I hope to be able to do research on human behaviors that can then help improve our mental health. Education is also a long-term goal for me that I hope to share my knowledge with others.

Thanks again EOPS for walking beside me even just in a short period of several years. It would have been a lot more challenging without you!

Bita Mostaghni

  • Transferred to San Jose State Universiy
  • Business Administraton major

I immigrated to the United States 6 years ago to find freedom. This immigration changed my whole life but it also brought a lot of different problems to my life too. Many things were new for me: new culture, new language, new society, … and that’s why I couldn’t communicate with other people who I met. But sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.

 Life was challenging to me and the first step was I had to say that I can. I found a job as a teacher assistant and being with kids caused me to use English, improving my language. With new confidence I decided to improve even more, enrolling in ESL classes at De Anza College. At that time, I had never thought to choose a major and improve my education, and consequently my job. Even though I initially didn’t intend to obtain a degree, I met key mentors, like counselors in EOPS who exposed me to these new pathways, and encouraged me.

Receiving an EOPS scholarship has given me a better chance to pursue higher education by providing financial resources and support, converting my dreams to reality. Although I knew I could achieve academically, there were some obstacles to achieving my goals that being an EOPS Scholar could solve. The most important one was financial. I need to pay for many things such as housing, transportation, food, among other college expenses. In order to afford all the expenses I had to work more hours per week. On the other hand, being a full-time student requires a substantial amount of time to be successful in my courses. Therefore, receiving the EOPS scholarship helped me to focus more on studying by alleviating my financial concerns. Also other kinds of support like counseling made me stronger by motivating me to attempt harder than before and inspiring me to dream. I like how EOPS Scholars connected me with a dedicated counselor. Overall, EOPS program and scholarship developed my educational plans and helped me to achieve my goals. With financial and academic concerns reduced, I could focus more on my education.

 Currently at De Anza, I am majoring in Accounting. Even though English remains a challenge, I was able to get mostly A’s and couple of B’s; my GPA was over 3.80 the entire time. I am proud I earned a bookkeeping certificate Fall 2016, and now will get my AA degree in Accounting spring 2018 and graduate with honor. After seeing my success in college, I was inspired to continue my education to eventually obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I decided to apply to San Jose State University in Fall 2017 because I didn’t want to regret the chances I wouldn’t take to improve my life with a higher education; and in consequence, I will transfer to SJSU fall 2018.

 Dreams make magic: start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly, you are doing the impossible!

Dung Phoebe Nguyen

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Media Studies major

I really enjoy my experience with EOPS at De Anza College. It has become one of my favorite services that the school offered. I have gained a lot of access and resources from EOPS such as early registration, counseling, printing services, calculator loan, book loan, supplies, etc. Every part EOPS offered truly enhanced my academic process. My favorite part is having an easy access to the counselors; all of them were super friendly and helpful to me. I hope to continue being a part of EOP student once I transfer to UC Berkeley this fall, 2018. In the future, I would love to become a counselor and work for EOPS.

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