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Nothing is more dangerous than a dogmatic worldview. ~ Stephen Jay Gould

Leslie Berry

Leslie Berry

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Cultural Conservancy, Prehistoric Art, Osteology, Faunal Analysis, Folklore, Oral Tradition, Kinship, Creativity in Human Expression
Degrees in Anthropology & Education: MA(SJSU), BA (HSU), MS-CLAD Credential(SJSU)

For that last two decades I've divided time between academic interests and professional research. My background includes degrees in Anthropology and Education, with emphasis in Instructional Technology and Cross-Cultural Language and Development.

My fieldwork focus includes socio-cultural and archaeological contexts, NAGPRA legislation, cultural conservancy, prehistoric art, osteological labwork, and faunal analysis. In recent years I've recorded and documented folklore in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on multi-generational immigrant experience within families, oral tradition and kinship structures.
Fall 2015
CRN Course Title Time Days Location
22297 ANTH-002.-65Z Cultural Anthropology TBA TBA ONLINE
01239 HUMI-016.-62Z Arts, Ideas and Values TBA TBA ONLINE
Summer 2015
CRN Course Title Time Days Location
00036 ANTH-002.-61Z Cultural Anthropology TBA TBA ONLINE
11238 HUMI-016.-61Z Arts, Ideas and Values TBA TBA ONLINE

Syllabi are in downloadable Adobe PDF icon PDFs. Check with instructor if there is no syllabi listed or for most current term information.

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