Acct 1C

Acct 001C -03Y 
CRN: 00029 
Strategic Learning Outcomes (SLO) for this class: 

Identify elements of cost for a business and explain and analyze how costs are allocated and assessed for various users. Compare and contrast the cost acct system for a manufacturer, merchandiser and service firm and distinguish the differences and similarities between financial reporting and cost accounting and utilize npv and irr for evaluating the financial viability of a business decision. 

Office: F51a, Hours - MW - 10:15AM-11AM, T/R 12:50-1:40PM 
Telephone: (408) 864-8622

Text: "Accounting Principles" 26th ed., Cengage Publishers by Warren, et al 
Note: you need the text and access to the Cengage Website - it will come with your book if you purchase it in the DeAnza bookstore, or, you can purchase it online from Cengage. 
The cheapest option for purchasing the book (26th ed)is the DeAnza bookstore. 

Cengage Website URL for this class: 

Course Number in Cengage:


Text purchase - DeAnza bookstore is your cheapest option because you need the Cengage code

Grades posted in Catalyst


Managerial Accounting:
Job Order Accounting 
Process Costing 
Breakeven and Operating Leverage
Standard Costs 
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Internal Control Issues
Decentralized Operations 
Differential Analysis
Capital Investment Analysis, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value 
Ethical Considerations in Accounting and Business

Exams (3) (may be changed by instructor, if needed)
Test 1- 4/28 - Ch 18-20 
Test 2- 5/21- Ch 21-23
Test 3-6/5 - Ch 24-26
Final - 6/21, 11:30AM
all exams must be taken on the scheduled date, no exceptions, one exam is dropped

3 midterms ... 100 each = 300
Final exam ... 100 = 100
Drop one ... (100)=(100)
HW, web, in class work... 100 
approximate 80-120 points
Total ....... 400
90% ^ A
80% ^ B
70% ^ C
60% ^ D
59% motel management -
meet new people every day and always a place to sleep

Acct 1C Spr 2016
Tues Thurs Chapter HW HW Due Date
4/5/2016 4/7/2016 18 18-5A & Cengage 4/12/2016
4/12/2016 4/14/2016 19 19-5A&Cengage 4/19/2016
4/19/2016 4/21/2016 20 20-3A&Cengage 4/26/2016
4/26/2016 4/28/2016 4/28/2016 Exam 18-20
5/3/2016 5/5/2016 21 In Cengage 5/5/2016
5/10/2016 5/12/2016 22 22-3A, 22-4A 5/10/2016
5/17/2016 5/19/2016 23 23-3A&Cengage 5/17/2016
05/21/15 Exam 21-23
5/24/2016 5/26/2016 24 In Cengage 5/26/2016
5/31/2016 6/2/2016 25 In Cengage 5/31/2016
6/7/2016 6/9/2016 26 26-4A&Cengage 6/7/2016
06/09/16 Exam 24-26
6/14/2016 6/16/2016 Review
6/21/2016 Final Exam 11:30AM Comp

Instructor reserves right to change test/assignment dates - if that occurs, students will always be given at least two academic days notice 

Incomplete grades are only available under the following conditions: The student has done ALL of the work in the course and cannot take the final exam because of an emergency (verifiable illness, family death, car accident etc). If the issue arises prior to the date for withdrawal, then the student will take a W. If it occurs after the withdrawal date and all work in the course has been completed and a verifiable emergency has taken place, then an incomplete grade can be given. Please note, these are exceedingly rare. 

Cheating and plagiarism will be handled in accordance with DeAnza Policy (failing grade on the assignment or exam, and it cannot be dropped) and you will be reported to DeAnza Administration. 

Note to students with disabilities: If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic accommodations or services in this course, provide (name of Instructor) with a Test Accommodation Verification Form (also known as a TAV form) from Disability Support Services (DSS) or the Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC). Students are expected to give five days notice of the need for accommodations. Students with disabilities can obtain a TAV form from their DSS counselor (864-8753 DSS main number) or EDC advisor (864-8839 EDC main number)

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