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Huma 50-Understanding and Managing Stress

1. What is the one thing that you took away with you from this class? (It could be from what you read in the text book, stories and personal experiences shared in the groups, examples given, extra credit assignments, current events, guest speakers, the instructor's approach, overall experience of the course, etc...)
There are so many gems of wisdom that I've received from the class such as the importance of having clear values and personal constitution and the techniques and purpose of meditation. But the most important thing I took away from this class is the experience of how you as the teacher held the class. I appreciate the way you held a high standard for achievement while being compassionate for the trials and tribulation that students struggle with. You treated us like adults by not nagging us about getting our work done yet were supportive in helping us along when it was apparent that we were behind in our learning. Unlike many teachers who get angry and take it as a personal insult when we're not keeping up with our homework. You focused on creating a supportive environment instead of a system of negative reinforcement for not meeting learning expectations.

Having come from many negative academic experiences where as a student I am at the mercy of strict teachers who seem to value adherence to rules and going by the book rather than caring about the life and spirit of their students. Being in your class was a very healing experience.

Thank you for showing me another way of teaching and learning. Someday, when I am teaching, I hope to create a similar environment that not only nourish the mind but also the heart and spirit of my students.

by Tho Vong
There were many things that I just LOVED about this class. It was very well rounded and connected to every single aspect of my life. Not only did I learn to relieve stress but also how to manage my money, my relationships, my time, my diet, etc. The way the class was taught made it really easy for the class to speak their mind and talk about anything they wanted to. Something that I greatly appreciated and thought was so crucial in this class was how we had such a casual environment and we were able to have open-ended conversations about anything that we wanted. The most memorable thing was that we all got to know each other and made us feel like a family or group of friends. It really helped me to remember that it definitely is beneficial to have a support group instead of bottling everything inside and trying to deal with it myself. I love this class and everyone in it. I hope we keep in touch forever!
a student from winter 2010
There are definitely many things that I took away from this class and it was definitely an enjoyable class to come to with an easy going atmosphere. I think the thing that I'll remember most, will use the most and have already started to practice is changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts to deal with stressful situations. Your example to change negative thoughts about traffic to "well, now I have more time to enjoy the radio" has definitely stuck with me on my long commute and on the freeway. I also found the meditation techniques and power nap technique really useful. You were an awesome teacher and definitely made the class low stress and the quarter more enjoyable. One of the most useful classes I have taken at De Anza!
Kaitlyn W. (winter 10)
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