For the midterm and final exams you need to know the vocabulary, dates, people, and slides found on the vocabulary/terminology lists. You should assume that everything on the lists will be included in the exam.


 What you need to know about the artists on the lists:

  • Country of origin and where he/she was active

  • Preferred themes, medium and style

  • Important biographical facts (either from the textbook, the lectures or the videos)



What you need to know about the works of art and architecture on the lists:

  • Title

  • Name of artist or architect (if known)

  • Iconography/meaning/mood

  • Location (for architecture only)

  • For the final exam only - medium (oil paint, marble etc.) 

How to study for the exams

  •  Re-read and summarize your class notes
  •  Read the relevant chapters in the textbook
  •  Download lists from web-site and study the terms
  •  Create image flash cards
  •  Establish a study group
  •  Memorize and test yourself
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