Arts 1A: Introduction to the Visual Arts

Extra Credit
Choose one of the following options to earn ten points.
If your grade was C or less in the midterm exam you may choose TWO extra credit assignments for a total of maximum twenty points.
You need to submit the extra credit assignment on

1. Take the "mural walk" in SF and submit a written a report about your experience. Attach the receipt to your paper.

Mission Trail Mural Walks(415-285-2287)

2. Attend the next South First Friday ( Write a report describing your experience and attach some brochures or postcards.

3. Visit a local museum or art gallery. Attach an admission ticket or photo of yourself inside the gallery. Choose one exhibition (this is more than ONE work but entire room or even a few rooms in the museum) and describe it in detail:

· What type of art is shown? Western, Non Western? Ancient? By one artist? etc.
· How is the exhibition displayed? How are the works arranged? (Describe the effectiveness of framing, lighting, sequencing, gallery space, etc.)
· Ask yourself what the curators were trying to accomplish by arranging the works in the fashion that they did. What is the premise of the exhibition? Is the exhibition successful in terms of the intentions?
· Which work/s are your favorites? Why?

4. If you would like to do something else which is related to the material covered in class please come to talk with me.

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