For the midterm and final exams you need to know the vocabulary, dates, people, and slides found on the Vocabulary Lists for Exams. You should assume that everything on the lists will be included in the exam.


 What you need to know about the artists on the lists:

  • Country of origin and where he/she was active

  • Preferred themes, medium and style

  • Important biographical facts (either from the textbook, the lectures or the videos)



What you need to know about the works of art and architecture on the lists:

  • Title

  • Name of artist or architect (if known)

  • Iconography/meaning/mood

  • Location (for architecture only)

  • For the final exam only - medium (oil paint, marble etc.) 

How to study for the exams

  •  Re-read and summarize your class notes
  •  Read the relevant chapters in the textbook
  •  Download lists from web-site and study the terms
  •  Create image flash cards
  •  Establish a study group
  •  Memorize and test yourself
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