Arts 1B: Extra Credit - 10 points

1. Choose three buildings located on the De Anza campus. Take photos of the buildings, research their history, style, purpose and significance and submit 1-2 typed pages on

2. Choose a building/structure from any period or location and analyze the relationship between the form of the building and its function. Please do not choose one that was discussed in class.Then choose a building that was erected by another culture for a similar purpose (shelter, gathering, religious etc.). Analyze the relationship between its form and function and compare and contrast it with the first building.

Submit 1-2 typed pages on  Please include photos of buildings and bibliography.
3. Take a local architectural tour and write a report of what you have learned. Write 1-2 typed pages and submit on Please attach a photo of the receipt.
Links to architectural tours:
BAHA - Berkeley - SF - SF - Los Altos - SF and Marin - Palo Alto 

  • If your grade was C or less in the midterm exam you may submit two extra credit assignments for a total of 20 points
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