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Asian American Literature Winter 2012


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Asian American Literature Winter 2012 Class Schedule

Week Date This Week's Topics Assignments Due

Unit I: Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Histories and Struggles


1 1/9/12



Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees
  • Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, "Making Guacamole"
  • The Latehomecomer up to the end of Part III
  • "When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine"
2 1/16/12 Individual, Family and Collective Stories
  • Holiday Monday, January 16
  • Finish The Latehomecomer
  • Quiz on Wednesday, January 18
3 1/23/12

Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Struggles

  • "For the Women," "Without Names," and "Sa-I-Gu"
  • Excerpt from Stealing Buddha's Dinner
  • Excerpt from Rolling The R's, "Apologies," and "Hawai'i and the United Nations"
  • Quiz on Wednesday, January 25
4 1/30/12

You, Your Family, and History

  • Essay on The Latehomecomer due on Monday, January 30
  • Quiz on Monday, January 30
  • Telling Your Story Part I presentations on Wednesday, February 1
  • Telling Your Story Part I write-up due on Wednesday, February 1
  • Form research groups for analytical essays/oral histories

Essay on The Latehomecomer

Telling Your Story Part I


5 2/6/12

Discrimination, Prison, ICE

  • Angel Island Poems, excerpt from Citizen 13660, "Breaking Silence," "Concentration Constellation," and excerpt from Legends from Camp
  • Excerpt from America is in the Heart, "Still Good at Sitting Down"
  • Quiz on Wednesday, February 8


6 2/13/12

Migrant Labor and the Asian American Movement

  • Excerpt from I-Hotel, "Slicing Silence," "When I Was Growing Up," and "In Search of the Self As Hero"
  • Quiz on Wednesday, February 15


7 2/20/12


  • Holiday Monday, 2/20
  • "War Zone," "A Seeker and a Fighter," "No Spokesperson," "Koreans: Population, Gender Ratio, and Family Formation," and "From Refugees to Americans: Thirty Years of Vietnamese Immigration to the United States"
  • Exam Review


8 2/27/12

Mid-Term Exam and Analytical Essays/Oral Histories

    Midterm exam on Monday, February 27

Midterm Exam

Analytical Essay

Oral Histories


Unit II: Making Our Cultures


9 3/5/12

New Media and Self-Expression

  • Analytical Essays due Wednesday, March 7
  • YouTube presentations on Wednesday, March 7
YouTube Assignment
10 3/12/12

New Media and Self-Expression

  • YouTube presentations on Monday, March 12
  • Oral History screenings Monday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 17
Oral History Projects
11 3/19/12

Telling Your Story Part II

  • Presentations Monday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 21
Telling Your Story Part II
12 3/28/12

Course Wrap-up

  • Exam Review Monday, March 26
  • Final Exam Wednesday, March 28, 11:30-1:30
Final Exam


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