Short Writing Assignment 3

Due Tuesday, May 27

3-4 Pages, Typed, Double-Spaced, and Stapled.

In this essay you will interpret a poem or a set of poems. You should already have developed your thesis and outline in class. Do not begin to write this essay until your outline has been ok'd by your instructor.

In this essay you will be focused on the poem or poems. Hopefully you will be able to expand this essay into your research-based analytical essay. In your research-based analytical essay you will use outside research to deepen your interpretation.

You will be graded according to the De Anza essay grading rubric for EWRT1A (see the main course web page). Pay attention to ideas, the development of your ideas, organization, and language use.

You will not receive credit if you do not include adequate documentation. Use MLA-format (search the Purdue Owl for "Sample MLA Works Cited Page" and "MLA In-text Citations").

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