Elementary Statistics and Probability

Winter 2016

I will be using Course Studio in MyPortal to distribute course materials for Winter 2016.

To access the course information, you must be registered for one of the class sections listed below.

CRN: 32939
Schedule ID: MATH-010.MP1
Location: E-32
Dates/Days: MTWRF
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:20 AM

How to Navigate to Course Studio for this Class

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal.
  2. CLICK on the Students Tab.
  3. FIND My Courses Links to . . . CLICK on Go to My Courses and Instructor Email
  4. SELECT Course Schedule for 2015 Summer DeAnza
  5. CLICK Elem Stats/Probability
  6. CLICK Files on the left navigation of CourseStudio to find relevant files.  This should then unfold our files.  If you don't find data, but there's a > symbol beside the file folder, click on the > symbol.  This should unfold the  contents of the file folder.

How to Use Course Studio

If an instructor has activated Course Studio, as I have, you should see the Course Homepage for this class, with a set of links on the left column, depending on which applications an instructor has chosen to use.

You'll click on a link to access that type of information or application.

  • Announcements
  • News
  • Photos
  • Links
  • Files
  • Message Board

About Announcements

I will make announcements in class when I post materials, as well as sending emails and/or announcement messages inside MyPortal.

  • Course Studio announcements can be seen by clicking on the My Courses link for this class.
  • New announcements will also appear as Messages inside MyPortal on the Home Tab, only visible to students registered in the class.
For Students: Troubleshooting Error Messages inside Course Studio
  • Do you see this message when you first click on the MyCourses link for a class — Course Communication (Web-Based) Tool Not Linked? That page is the default if an instructor has NOT activated Course Studio for a class. Wait for the first day of class to find out. It may be that your instructor will use a different way to distribute materials and communicate online.
  • If your instructor is using Course Studio during a quarter and it suddenly is no longer accessible (you get that same default message), please alert your instructor of the change so that s/he can report the problem to the appropriate office and Course Studio may be restored for your class.
  • If your instructor has activated course studio but YOU cannot access it, please alert your instructor so that s/he may report the problem to the appropriate office for troubleshooting.
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