CIS 41B - Advanced Python Programming

Course Description

This Python programming class is a continuation of the CIS 41A course in Python Programming.
Topics covered:

  • Closures and decorators
  • Memoization
  • Functions as first class objects
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • GUI programming
  • Multi-threading and multiprocessing
  • OS calls and interface with C/C++
  • Networking programming
  • Web interface
  • Database access


Textbook (for reference)  

  • Learning Python by Lutz, 5th edition, ISBN: 978-1449355739


This is a hybrid course so there is an on-campus component and an on-line component:

  • 4 hours lecture and lab per week on campus
  • Lecture notes, forum discussions, and lab assignments are on line


Letter grades are assigned based on:

  • 6 lab assignments
  • 2 midterm exams
  • 1 final exam or final project
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