CD 50 Description of Assignments

Assignment 1: Observation of one licensed early childhood education program (60 points)

  1. Select one licensed early childhood education program to visit.
    1. Observe the program for more than 1 hour
    2. Use the “Site Observation Form” to guide your observation and make sure to get detailed information for each criteria
  2. The final report should include 4 separated sections as following
    1. Introduction (minimum 1 full page): describe basic information and history of the program
    2. Observation (minimum 5 full pages): use the "Site Observation Form" as a format to write detailed information for each criterion. Use the running observation method to record what you actually observe. Separate your personal comments from what you actually see. You should have very detailed information about each criterion, for example, at least one good paragraph for each criterion. You should label each criterion and do not blend all the information together.
    3. Reflection (minimum 1 full page): comment about the program according to your observation. Support your comments with the developmental and learning theories we discussed in class. Your comments should be based on what you recorded in the observation. Make sure to be insightful and use lots of examples from the observation to support your points. Use critical thinking and make a meaningful comparison between your comments and the theories.
    4. Appendix: include your hand written notes, observation forms, brochures and etc., which evidence your efforts. Present them neatly.

 Assignment 2: Portfolio---Document your own professional growth in the field of early childhood education (40 points)

  1. Use a three ring binder
  2. Make a cover sheet
  3. Design a table of contents
  4. Label each section
  5. Be creative and make a beautiful design
  6. Present the portfolio in an organized and very neat way
  7. The portfolio should also include the following sections:

a. Autobiography: Outline the significant relationships and events in your life that led you to choose early childhood education as your career

b. Vision and philosophy statement: explain your vision as an early childhood educator and your dreams as professional. Describe your values for the education of young children and how your values influence your decision of entering the field of early childhood education

c. Self-goals: describe what you want to achieve in your career

d. Resume: include your education, work experiences and references
Transcripts, degrees, certificates or diplomas

e. Course work sample or program plans such as curriculum materials, daily routines and description of the environment arrangement (two of your best works)

f. Professional evaluations: include letters of recommendations from managers, parents or teaching evaluations

g. Professional development record: record the training and course work completed and be sure to note the date of training, the name of the trainer, sponsoring organization and the hours of the training (use the sample sheet as a reference)

Assignment 3: Establish Career Goal (10 points)

  1. Type a report, at least one page, to specify both your short-term and long-term goals and how you can achieve your goals, especially in the professional field of child care and early childhood education.
  2. You can make an appointment for a 15-minute advising session with Dr. Li Wei Sun or any other faculty at the Child Development and Education Department to help you set your career path in early childhood education.
Assignment 4: CDE Student Orientation (10 points)
  1. Attend a scheduled CDD Student Orientation and prepare a one-page report. The orientation will be presented twice during the day and once in the evening each quarter. The one-page report should include the following:
    1. a discussion of the topics presented during the session
    2. an explanation of what you learned from the session relevant to your educational and professional development
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