Assignments are intended to be a learning activity and should be attempted on a class-to-class basis.  Before the sections are covered in class, the sections in the book should be read. After class, the assignments should be attempted. The assigned date is the date the material is covered in class.

After the assignment is completed, students should review earlier exercises for review and solidification. Please note the due date and plan.

Mastery of the assignment may not occur when you complete the assignment, but extra problems should be done to completely master the topic.

Assignments are located at: using the MyMathLab software.

The access code is obtained when the book is purchased or purchased online.
The name of the course is: Math 114 Winter 2018
The course ID: tsuji20845

Check this link for instruction for MyMathLab

Time will be set aside at the beginning of each class to answer questions from the assignment. Write your question(s) on an 3 inch by 5 inch card and place on the front table before class.

Before each class, the sections that will be covered in class should be read.

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