CCCbudget Update

Over the next two days, both the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees will be getting their first formal look at the Governor's proposed 2016-17 State Budget. Senate Budget and Fiscal Review will meet to hear the spending plan at 11:00 a.m. today.
The Assembly Budget Committee will have its overview hearing at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow. 
Both hearings are viewable on
Also up today is Senator Patricia Bates's bill to change the Proposition 13 "change of ownership" rules for commercial properties. This is the idea that emerged from negotiations between tax reformers and business interests, and would use ownership over three tax years instead of one. Some businesses have used the existing law to spread out shares of the business among several LLCs over a few years, which avoided reassessment. 
Liberals backed out of the compromise in 2014 as their backers wanted a broader move--switching Prop. 13 to a "split roll" that applied Proposition 13 protections only to residential property. SB 259 is being heard at this hour in Senate Appropriations.
While the bill wouldn't affect Proposition 98 per se, the change would affect community colleges by increasing property tax revenues, thus reducing the pressure on the State General Fund under the Prop. 98 guarantee. This would reduce tension between K-14 education and other programs, including UC/CSU and health and human services.
This Friday is the "house of origin" committee deadline, meaning that bills introduced last year that are still in the same house and in committee must be sent from committees (policy or fiscal) to the floor. January 31 is the "house of origin" deadline, so any bill introduced last year must be sent to the other house by that date.
Hope you had a great long weekend!
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