Campus Budget

Campus Budget

11/12 Year-End Finance Deadlines for De Anza Campus - June 14, 2012


Hello Everyone -

Our 11/12 fiscal year-end close is quickly approaching, and I'd like to share some important dates/deadlines with you.

By now, you should have received your MAY 2012 month-end reports. These are the final monthly reports until after we close the fiscal year. Please begin reviewing your FOAP's for year-end transfers and adjustments while considering the following dates and deadlines.


June pro-card charges *are expected to process by Monday, July 9th*. Please keep in mind ... 11/12 pro-card charges will only include items posted to your card through June 30, 2012 (statement cutoff date). Not all merchants reports credit card activity daily. If you still plan to use your pro-card for 11/12 purchases, you should make those purchases sooner rather than later. Waiting until the last few days of June will not guarantee the charges will post in June. Instead, late purchases will post to your 12/13 budget as reported on your July pro-card statement.


June Reprographics (print shop), postage (mail room), food services, and bookstore charge-backs *should post to FOAP's by Friday, July 6th*.

*DIRECT PAY, INVOICES, PETTY CASH, TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENTS, ETC.* - Fiscal 11/12 expenses *are due to District Accounts Payable by the end of the day Friday, July 13th*. The Accounts Payable department must receive properly approved requests and invoices along with associated back-up materials before processing. Please mark this important date as a priority. In accordance with Board policy, travel claims for expenses incurred prior to April 1st will not be reimbursed.

*If you have unpaid invoices on your desks*, please send them to Accounts Payable for payment immediately (before vacation), regardless of whether they are current year invoices or invoices to be charged against next years' budget. Accounts Payable will review each invoice to determine which year should be charged and they will pay accordingly. If you're aware of an unpaid invoice not yet received from a vendor, please call them and ask that they send it to you for payment.


Please begin reviewing your FOAP's for expense transfers and labor redistributions, and submit your requests per the following deadlines:


Expense transfer requests, budget transfer requests, labor redistribution requests, and float requests through Q-3 (through March) are *due to the Campus Budget Analyst by Tuesday, July 3rd*. *JUNE CHARGES* -

Expense transfer requests, budget transfer requests, labor redistribution requests, and float requests through Q-4 (through June) are *due to the Campus Budget Analyst by Tuesday, July 10th*.


The final *June payroll for students and hourly casual employees* will process by Monday, July 9th. Labor redistributions required after this date will be due to the Campus Budget Analyst by Tuesday, July 10th. Please be sure to provide detail labor/benefit reports (ARGOS reports located on the 'Reports' tab from the Portal), highlighting total charges (per person) for redistribution. Under strict deadlines, all labor redistributions must be submitted with approvals and correct back-up documentation.

For expense transfers, please attach a copy of the Banner detail screen highlighting the actual expense(s) to be transferred. Under strict deadlines, all expense transfer requests must be submitted with approvals and correct back-up documentation.

Budget may not be transferred from *augmentation FOAP's*.

Fiscal 12/13 enrollment revenues will be deferred to the following fiscal year by Friday, July 6th. Once this is accomplished, financial managers are able to reconcile current year *Material Fee FOAP's*. Keep in mind, we do not carry overspent balances into the following fiscal year. Overspent balances must be transferred to the related department, or to the division if budget is not available for the department.

*We are tentatively scheduled to close the 11/12 fiscal year Tuesday, July 31st*. Once the fiscal year is closed, we will no longer be able to transfer expenses or make other adjustments to fiscal year 11/12.

Thank you in advance for your support of these important year-end deadlines.

Best Regards,


Building: Administration
Contact: Pippa Gibson
Phone: 408.864.8936

Last Updated: 6/15/12