Announcement - April 13, 2011

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, Stacey Cook and Brian Murphy hosted a Student Services Town Hall regarding budget reductions. The Town Hall was attended by approximately 75 faculty and staff from Student Services.

The following are notes from the Town Hall.

De Anza College

Student Services Town Hall

Budget Reduction Discussion

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



1. Inclusive process.

2. Global perspective about Student Services and how we serve students.

3. Managers will meet with their staff to discuss the budget reductions. I will

attend those meetings so that everyone will hear directly from me the approach we are taking and the reasons why.

4. Staff and faculty will give their input about reductions in their respective areas.

5. Managers will present their budget reduction recommendations to the SSPBT.

6. The SSPBT will discuss the recommendations.

7. The SSPBT will send budget reduction recommendations to College Council.

8. College Council will make recommendations to the President.

9. The President will make the final decisions about the budget reductions that he will present to Chancellor’s staff.

10. Budget recommendations will go the June 2nd Board meeting.


We treat each well and with respect throughout the process.

We will have honest communication at all times. Not with shades of the truth or with a hidden agenda but honest communication.

We will speak respectfully about each other throughout the process.

We will support each other throughout the process.


Emails from me

SSPBT agenda & minutes

Reports from SSPBT

Manager meetings and communication

SSPBT Time Line:

4/13/11 SSPBT Meeting & Student Services Town Hall Meeting

4/20/11 Budget Reduction Recommendations

4/27/11 Budget Reduction Recommendations

5/4/11 Global Impressions about Reduction Recommendations

5/11/11 SSPBT Reduction Recommendations

5/18/11 2011-12 Committee Appointments

5/25/11 Evaluation of the work done during 2010-11

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