About the Department

The Music Department offers a wide variety of courses to satisfy the diverse interests and needs of its students.  The department serves music majors as well as the general student population.  All students benefit from the Music Appreciation courses for both work towards a music degree and GE transfer.

All students may join a number of high quality performance ensembles, such as Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, Chorale (large chorus) and Vintage Singers (chamber chorus).  

The two-year comprehensive musicianship series is the core of the undergraduate music major and transfer program. 

Introductory courses include beginning classes in keyboard/piano, brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, guitar, and voice. Music reading and music fundamentals provide basic instruction in music theory. The Music Department offers day, evening, and online courses that meet general education (GE) requirements for an associate degree and/or transfer.

An outstanding Jazz Program features a variety of vocal and instrumental performing groups, including the award-winning Vocal Flight ensemble and an active jazz ensemble.   A number of classes in instrumental and vocal jazz skills and improvisation is available.  Jazz improv offers students the opportunity to learn and perform jazz in small groups.

The Electronic Music Program provides instruction and studio experience in synthesizer operation, MIDI sequencing, and sound design along with the opportunity to work with professional level hardware and software.

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