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Psychological Services

Make an Appointment

De Anza Psychological Services is NOT a 24-hour program

Meet with a Psychological Services Counselor

Note: Psychological Services is closed for the Summer Quarter.  Appointments will be available on the first day of the fall quarter.

Appointments are available and may be made Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Follow these steps to make an appointment.

  1. Call Psychological Services at 408.864.8868. You can also visit us in person to schedule your appointment.  We are located in Room 127 of the Registration & Student Services Building.

  2. State that you need personal/psychological counseling. Garden Bench

  3. Make an appointment.

  4. Fill out the pre-appointment forms linked below.

  5. Come to the Registration & Student Services Building, Rm 127 (round the corner from the college Bookstore) to meet with your counselor. 


Arrive 10-15 minutes early if you have not yet completed paperwork.  Check in and then wait in the waiting area. (See map for building  location).


Pre-Appointment Forms

Please download and complete the following PDF documents before coming for your first appointment.

If you have questions regarding the forms or do not feel comfortable in completing all or any of them, do not worry.

Just bring the forms with you for your first appointment. Your counselor would be more than willing to speak with you about your concerns.

After You Arrive

1. Check in.  Check in with Psychological Services Personnel.  Complete any paperwork that you have not completed in advance. Make a payment for your session if you have already completed the 5 free sessions.

2. Meet your therapist. Your therapist will come and find you in the waiting area.  You will be invited to a therapy room, where you can speak in private with the therapist.  The therapist will review your paperwork, gather some more information about you, and explain how therapy works.

3. Therapy. You will be invited to tell why you made an appointment. The therapist will give you a chance to speak and may ask you questions. The therapist will make sure you are comfortable. You are welcome to ask any questions you have. Therapy sessions usually last 50 minutes.

Fee Schedule: First 5 Sessions Free, All Other Sessions $10.


Psychological Services

Phone: (408) 864-8868
Building: Registration & Student Services, Rm 127 (round the corner from the college Bookstore)
Contact: Siew Kuek


Last Updated: 9/21/16