Communication Studies Department

Communication Studies A.A. Degree

 Steps to Completion

  1. Meet with a full-time Communication Studies instructor to discuss course options and your Specialty AreaBegin this process as early as possible (ideally 3 quarters prior to graduation) to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements, listed in the table below.


Communication Studies – Associate of Arts Degree


Things to keep in mind:


1.  You must complete all courses with a grade of "C" or higher

2.  You may also complete courses with a grade of "Pass" if the class is taken on a Pass/No 

     Pass basis, as long as the "Pass" is equal to a "C" or greater.

3.  Courses marked with (H) may be offered as an Honors course.

     Complete ONE (1) course from the following


COMM 1 (H)

Public Speaking

5 units

COMM 10 (H)

Fundamentals of Oral Communication

5 units

       Complete ONE (1) course from the following


COMM 8 (H)

Argumentation and Critical Inquiry in Oral Communication

5 units


Argumentation: Analysis of Oral and Written Communication

5 units

      Complete ALL of the following



Mass Communication and Its Impact on Society

4 units

COMM 7 (H)

Intercultural Communication

4 units

COMM 15 (H)

Critical Decision Making in Groups

5 units

COMM 16 (H)

Interpersonal Communication

5 units

COMM 70 (H)

Effective Organizational Communication

5 units

Specialty Area

Please contact an instructor to select specialty area courses.

12 units

   Total units required for completion of degree          



Communication Studies A.A.

45 units


General Education Courses

32-43 units


Elective courses required when the major units plus GE units total is less than 90




90 units


2. Complete the Communication Studies AA Degree application and prepare your Specialty Area letter.  Your application lists your Communication Studies coursework and your letter identifies and explains your area of concentration. Be sure to include your student ID on both your application and letter.  Both application and letter are submitted to one of the Department Co-chairs.

3. The department will review your materials at one of our monthly meetings. We'll notify you if the application has been approved or needs revision. If approved, your application will be signed and returned to you. If it needs a revision, don't worry: Our faculty members will work with you on the necessary edits and you can resubmit. 

4.    Once you have completed the degree requirements and receive your approved application, follow the steps listed on the Graduation page for instructions on how to file for your degree.

Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information above, requirements do sometimes change. We recommend consulting course catalogs, the schedule of classes, and the Degree and Certificate Programs page.


Department Co-Chairs

Contact: Russell Hong
Phone: 408.864.5430
Office: F31K

Contact: Brandon Gainer


Last Updated: 7/27/17