League of Innnovation award winnersDonna Stasio, Mike Stasio and a team of colleagues received the 2013 League of Innovation Award at De Anza for pioneering an innovative, facilitative engagement model that has evolved into an empowering partnership that transforms student engagement and leadership.

From the Innovation Award website:

The Innovation of the Year award recognizes significant innovations at League member colleges, honoring faculty, staff and administrators who have developed and implemented programs that improve the institution’s ability to serve students and the community...
“What we have learned from our facilitation experience is that students who are challenged, engaged, valued and rewarded perform at very high levels,” says Donna Stasio, who leads the program. Click here to read the rest.

From the April 17, 2013 "Campus Memo":

"The Student Facilitator Training Program has been selected as De Anza College's Innovation of the Year Award winner, sponsored by the League for Innovation...
Students receive intensive, experiential facilitator training prior to the conference. These practical skills build student confidence, and support their ability to serve as influential change-makers on campus and in their communities. Click here to read the rest
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