De Anza Associated Student Body

De Anza Associated Student Body

Meeting Time:Thursday, 2:00 p.m.
Meeting Place: Senate Meeting Room, Hinson Campus Center

Message from the Chair of Marketing

Hello De Anza students! My name is Zaneb Khan and I am your Chair of Marketing for the 2013-2014 school year. Our Marketing Committee is committed to getting the word out about DASB events and activities, as well as keeping you all well informed about DASB programs which benefit you as a student. We want to ensure that our students are engaged in the DASB governing process, and that students have the information they need to become active and get involved with all of the DASB events.

Function of the Marketing Committee:

The DASB Marketing Committee manages and oversees the DASB Marketing Committee Account and DASB Newsletter Account expenditure, in the best interest of the DASB membership. It serves as a liaison between the De Anza College students, DASB Senate, and the De Anza College community. It publicizes DASB Senate events and services.

The DASB Marketing Committee consists of the following voting members:

  • Vice chair: Liang Lim,
  • Senate members: Luis Flores, Yena Cheong, Jessica Hou, Sneha Santosh, Monica Xue, Khai Lim, Saif Adeeb.
  • Interns:Julia Malakiman, Nathan Chan, Geo Padilla Urias, Eulzee Park, Andee Nguyen

 and the following ex-officio member:

  • Advisor - La Donna Yumori-Kaku

Meeting Agenda: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.
Meeting Minutes: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.
Online Agendas and Minutes

DASB Marketing and Communications Code

Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level

Phone: 408.864.5432 x3749


Last Updated: 12/6/13