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Updated 03/02/13

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Title: Focus on Grammar 3 w/ CD Student Book

Author: Fuchs, Marjorie, Margaret Bonner and Miriam Westheimer

ISBN-13: 978-0131899858

Title: Focus on Grammar 3 Workbook

ISBN-13: 978-0131899902

Publisher: Pearson Longman

Each unit begins with a reading using the target structure in context. The grammar presentations are clear and concise with wonderfully succinct charts and grammar notes. The practice sections offer a variety of exercises, including sentence writing and editing sections. There are also listening exercises followed by communicative activities. Each unit contains a Review or Self Test as well as a “From Grammar to Writing Section." The text also includes a wealth of supporting information in an invaluable Appendices section. Additionally, there is a lab component in ATC 103 that can be used.

This text covers all the grammar we need to teach at the 244 level and the green grammar explanation charts are good. There is also not an overabundant amount of exercises.

The accompanying workbook (can be either required or recommended) contains additional exercises with an answer key, which makes it a valuable support and self-study text.

Maria Marin, Mary Ellen Goodwin, Marcy Betlach, Linda Yee and Kathy Flores use and recommend this text.

Title: Grammar in Context 2 

Author: Elbaum, Sandra

ISBN-13: 978-1424079018

Title: Grammar in Context 2 CDs

ISBN-13: 978-1424079032

Title: Grammar in Context 2 Teachers Edition - Intermediate, 3rd Ed.

ISBN-13: 978-1424079056

Publisher: Heinle ELT

Dina Poggi has been using Grammar in Context for many years. She likes the grammar-in-context passages along with the audiocassette for each chapter. The exercises are many and varied so you can pick and choose. The explanation sections are helpful. The layout is clear. There are end of chapter review tests and expansion activities. The students really work through this book with satisfaction.

Title: Interactions 2


Author: Hartmann, Pamela and Elaine Kirn

ISBN-13: 9780077403348


Author: Pavlik, Cheryl and Margaret Segal

ISBN-13: 9780073533865


Author: Werner, Patricia and John P Nelson

ISBN-13: 9780073258607


Author: Tanka, Judith and Lida Baker

ISBN-13: 9780077201579

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The books are accompanied by excellent instructor manuals and tapes.  The students seem to enjoy the exercises and the easy to follow instructions. Alejandro Molino Torres recommends this series.

Additionally, when making this list, most of the texts come paired with e-course materials, which students appear to be able to do at their own pace and which teachers can monitor. I haven’t used them before, but from the site this seems to be another advantage of the series. --Michelle M



Title: Write Ideas: A Beginning Writing Text

Author: Shoemaker, Connie and Susan Polycarpou

ISBN-13: 9780838439876

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Fundamentals of English Grammar

Author: Azar, Betty



Though popular for many years, the book does not present grammar points in context at all.


Title: Connect with English Episodes 25-36 

Author: Sokolik, Maggie, Linda Butler, Michael Berman, Pamela McPartland-Fairman

ISBN-13: 9780072927603

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Videos are available online at: 

Make sure your students know which episode to watch. The comprehension books are not recommended. Most just use the video.

Title: Connect with English Episodes 37-48

Author: Sokolik, Maggie, Linda Butler, Michael Berman, Pamela McPartland-Fairman

ISBN-13: 9780072927627

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Videos are available online at:

Make sure your students know which episode to watch. The comprehension books are not recommended. Most just use the video.

Title: English Interactive Level 3




Available online for a fee. Software available in ATC 103.



Title: Rethinking America 1: A Intermediate Cultural Reader

Author: Sokolik, M.E.

ISBN-13: 9780838447505

Publisher: Heinle ELT

Mary Ellen says the readings are challenging, but allow for interesting discussions. Exercises focus on critical thinking and analysis. A CNN video is available, providing opportunities for exploring themes beyond the text. Does require additional supplemental activities to be built in for vocabulary practice.

Title: Issues for Today – 3rd Ed.

Author: Smith, Lorraine C., Nancy Nici Mare (a.k.a. Reading for Today 3)

ISBN-13: 9781111033576

Publisher: Heinle ELT

Linda likes this book for 244. It has non-fiction readings, most of which are of high interest, and it teaches comprehension, summarizing, organization, dictionary skills, word forms and vocabulary. Some readings can be a bit dry, but overall, it works well.

Title: Breaking Through

Author: Jimenez, Francisco

ISBN-13: 9780618342488

Publisher: Sandpiper

Other books in the series: The Circuit, Reaching Out

Jimenez (now a professor at Santa Clara University) tells his story of how he struggled as a teenager to get an education while also helping his poor immigrant family earn enough money to survive. Jimenez is likable and driven. You can't help but cheer for him. 

Title: Reading Explorer 3

Author: Douglas, Nancy 

ISBN-13: 9781424029389

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Easy English Times

Where to get it:

Online newspaper geared towards ESL students based out of Napa. 

Title: What Every ESL Student Should Know

Author: Flores, Kathy


Publisher: University of Michigan Press/ESL

It’s Kathy’s book (need we say more). But in all honesty, this book is a book that every ESL student should read. It’s wonderfully accessible for the 244 level, and since 244 is the first level for many of our students, it sets them up to be successful in college.



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