Nurs 84L Medical-Surgical Nursing II: Care of the Older Adult Clinical

"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us." ~ Marcel Proust

  • Mondays/Tuesdays, 6:30am - 2:30pm
  • Locations: El Camino Hospital (Mountain View campus) and San Jose Regional Medical Center. Students will be assigned to one site for the entire quarter. Each location has a mandatory orientation. Students must attend all orientation days in their entirety. 
  • 5 Units
  • Lead Instructor: Sherri Cozzens
  • Lead Instructor email:
  • Part-time instructor: Janice Valadez 
  • Instructor phone numbers - best contact numbers and emails for clinical instructors will be given on first orientation day.

Open invitation to all students! 

Students are invited to attend and participate in all monthly department faculty meetings, and regularly scheduled department Curriculum and Policy committee meetings. We welcome your input and ideas! See instructor for more information.


Course Syllabus


Clinical Sites, orientation, and rotation information

CLICK HERE for Information for incoming Q4 students - includes mandatory pre-work directions, orientation info, important reminders!  Read early! Then read AGAIN prior to start of Quarter 4!!

  • Re-read this document (above) prior to entering Q4. It contains instructions about your orientation
  •  You will need to submit a Quantiferon Gold test that will not expire during Quarter 4. If you have had a positive QFT and have submitted a chest Xray instead, please submit an annual surveillance form (available at Campus Health) by the due date. Chest Xrays cannot be accepted without documentation of a positive QFT in your file.
    • For more information about all required health documentation, including chest Xrays, see your Student Handbook.
  • Do your 2nd year background check/drug screening 2 to 3 weeks prior to your Q4 start date. See Nursing Student Handbook for information about this. Initiating this process too early it will need to be repeated within this time frame.
  • Turn in a copy of all health and/or CPR updates to the Nursing Office, specifically for the Nursing Department record. Do not submit background/drug testing results. Note: Instructors will not submit your documents to Nursing Office on your behalf.
  • San Jose Regional Medical Center  
    • Required paperwork/training complete and submit electronically to Sherri Cozzens by due date, following directions below and in the "Information for Incoming Q4 students" link above.  Do NOT include copies of any immunizations, CPR, background check or drug testing documentation with your documentation (DO submit any/all health/CPR updates to Nursing Office by due date in Student Handbook though!!).
    • Scavenger Hunt - bring to Orientation Day 1 with you.
    • Computer Keyboard Guide - bring to Orientation Day 1 with you.
    • Computer Notes - bring to Orientation Day 1 with you.


Assignments - on Canvas site

See Canvas for examples of acceptable paperwork. A complete assignment must have all required components submitted on the due date. Due dates will be assigned by each clinical instructor within the first two weeks of the rotation. Be sure to include BOTH grading rubrics on all written assignments.

Other Resources

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