BIOL 6C: Ecology & Evolution

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Lecture Slides

B6C-1: Intro to Ecology

B6C-2: Biogeography

Stat-A: Descriptive Statistics

B6C-3: Population Ecology

Stat-B: Inferential Statistics

B6C-4a: Community Ecology — Species Interactions

Stat-C: Regression & Correlation

B6C-4b: Community Ecology — Biodiversity & Dynamics

B6C-5a: Ecosystems — Energy Flow & Water Cycle

B6C-5b: Ecosystems — Material Pools & Cycles

B6C-6: California Ecology

articles from the Atlas of the Biodiversity of California:

B6C-7: Anthropogenic Impacts & Restoration

B6C-8: Ethology & Behavior

B6C-9: Origins & Paradigms

B6C-10: Mechanisms of Evolution

B6C-11: Reproductive Ecology & Sexual Selection

B6C-12: Speciation

article on genetically altering invasive species:

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Lab Manual

I. The B6C Field Notebook

II. Exercises

 1. Scientific Investigation

B6C Exercise 1A: Experimental Design [pre-lab]

B6C Exercise 1B: Experimental Design Applied

B6C Exercise 1C: Statistical Analyses

 2. Vegetation Surveys

B6C Exercise 2A/2B: Band Transects & Point-Intercept Transects

B6C Exercise 2C: Length-Intercept Transects

Species List A - Common Local Plants for Species Quiz 1

 3. Estimating Population Size

B6C Exercise 3A: Estimating Population Size [pre-lab]

B6C Exercise 3B: Estimating Population Size — Mark-Recapture

B6C Exercise 3C: Estimating Population Size & Distribution — Quadrats

 4. Measuring Biodiversity

B6C Exercise 4A: Measuring Biodiversity [pre-lab]

B6C Exercise 4B: Measuring Biodiversity — Arthropods

B6C Exercise 4C: Measuring Biodiversity — Bird Surveys

"Comparing the Shannon diversity index of two samples using a t-test"
Statistics for Ecologists (2nd ed.) Support, Mark Gardener, Pelagic Publishing 2017

Bird ID — slides

Species List B - Common Local Birds for Species Quiz 2

 5. Behavioral Ecology

B6C Exercise 5A: Kinesis

B6C Exercise 5B: Behavior & Dispersion

B6C Exercise 5C: Ethogram

 6. Natural Selection

B6C Exercise 6: Predator–Prey Game

III. Appendices

B6C Appendix A: Leaf Forms & Arrangements

B6C Appendix B: Native Trees of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties

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Field Links & Exercises

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Lab & Field Resources

Particularly relevant Biol-6A Exercises:

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Ecology Videos & Animations

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