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The two primary sources used here for on-line videos are MathTV and Khan Academy. Another source of math tutorials/demonstrations are on YouTube. NOTE: The on-line videos presented here are not a complete set for the course you are taking; you are encouraged to explore both MathTV and Khan Academy (or other sites) for additional tutorials that you may need.
Classes covered by these on-line tutorials are listed at the bottom of this page; but before you access the on-line tutorial videos, a bit of instruction on how the process works:
The website MathTV has a menu on the left hand side of the page. (What you see at the bottom of this page are hotlinks, and can take you there directly -but remember to 'backpage' to get back to this set of instructions). From the menu

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you can click on "Algebra" (or any of the other subjects) to get a drop-down menu of many topics in algebra (or whatever subject you chose).

Search down the list until you get to the sub-topic you want -say 'exponents'. When you click on 'exponents' you will get another drop-down menu for specific items related to exponents.
When you click on THAT specific topic -say 'definitions'- then in the middle part of your screen you will get a variety of problems related to 'definitions'. Scroll through that list of problems to find a problem that looks like the one you are trying to solve.
By clicking on the image of one of the instructors (shown just underneath the problem), a short video will start on the right-hand side of your screen, and the instructor will take you through the solution process for that particular problem. You may want to see how several instructors solve the same problem.
The following are links to various tutorials for the following classes:
Algebra Math 114
PreCalculus I Math 41
PreCalculus II Math 42
PreCalculus III Math 43
Calculus Math 1A
Calculus Math 1B
To access a video on Khan Academy click on https://www.khanacademy.org/
You can scroll down the page until you get to the

Browse our library

section (Math is the first one), which has numerous topics from which to choose. Just click on the one you want and you will be directed to the entire listing of available videos in that subject.

• • • There is another website for calculus assistance, this one is recommended by one of my calculus students:

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